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Model Idli Pot Aluminium 80 Cavities
Capacity80 Cavities ( 80 Kuzhi )
Surface TreatmentNA
Capacity : 80 Cavities ( 80 Kuzhi )
Dimensions : 45 Cm
No of Plates : 4 ( 20 Idlies Each)
Type : Aluminium Idly pot
Weight : 7.380 Kgs

Now enjoy all steaming varieties in your TRADITIONAL IDLY POT. Steamer Plate is well  designed to prepare north Indian food like modak, momos etc and south Indian like idyappam ,puttu kolukattai etc. Steam dals like chana dal, moong dal etc for cooking purpose. Steam vegetables, leaves, potato, pudina and many more.Well designed and High quality Aluminium with smooth mirror finish.

Features : 

Hard Aluminium Handles 

Sturdy and fine construction

Light Weight

Application : For Making of Idlies  and steaming other foods items


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