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ModelGsm Shutter Siren 5 Number calling

SOME FEATURES WE ARE INTRODUCING FIRST TIME IN INDIA GSM Shutter Security System 5 number calling with advanced features Gsm Shutter Siren is a very unique and advanced technology product for Shop, office, Banks, factories, and warehouses. If any unauthorized person enters into the Shop, office, Banks, factories, and warehouses by breaking any Shutter, our Gsm Shutter Security System start siren and send messages and calls to all registered numbers. Description • Sonrisa Shutter Security System gives alert up to 5 mobile numbers via SMS & Call. • Intolerable heavy-duty sound • Daily System Active message when the shutter is closed. • Daily Battery Status message when the shutter is closed. • Now you can check Gsm signal strength and balance via SMS • Now you can check System status any time. • Resistant to an unknown number • Sonrisa GSM Shutter Security System can be disarmed via SMS and Call • Sonrisa Shutter Alarm System GSM is a rechargeable battery operated. • SMS QUEUING SYSTEM to AVOID THE LOSS OF MULTIPLE SMS • Sonrisa GSM Shutter Security System siren is Compact and Wireless. • Sonrisa GSM Shutter Alarm System with Password protection • Sonrisa Shutter Siren with Low battery warning. • Sonrisa Shutter Security Alarm 12-15 Days standby battery backup • Sonrisa Shutter Security System No false alarm • Sonrisa Shutter Security System Gsm ROHS PCB • Sonrisa GSM Shutter Siren with LED indications. • Many other Extra Features first time in India. #gsmshuttersiren #shutteralarmsystem #shuttersiren #shuttersirengsm #shuttersecurityalarm #shutteralarm #shuttersirensystem #shuttersensorsecurity #GsmShutterSiren #GsmShutterAlarmLock #ShutterAlarm #shuttersecuritysystem

We deal in Shutter Siren System Manufacture, we are Delhi based company with specialty in Gsm Shutter Siren System Manufacturering and GSM Based Security System Siren Alarm, For Shutter
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1 Year Warranty and conditions as per guidelines.

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