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General Details
Sound Level 110bd
Battery Backup 15 days
Range300 m
Cable Length1 m
It can be fitted on any type of Doors.No electric wiring required .only for charging
—A forced entry through a glass window breakage or a door breakage into the tenements ,villas ,flats and showrooms is a common phenomenon  in the Indian cities during the theft, loot, robbery riots. Protection of shops, go-downs etc has always been a point of great worries &  pink for the owners people should realize now depending entirely on the security guard is not a good idea.
— However now you are 100% solution to this problem with “Jain security  door siren” at your service the only one of its kind in India Doors siren is a unique security system with an advanced technology for  protections to shops, offices, factories from intruders and burglar for 24 x 7 .The powerful siren make loud sound when the doors or Windows open even by few inches and that's why you can really “Trusted it” It can help you sleep better at night knowing your property is safe.
— With the decline in moral value and lure of lucre, crimes like theft, burglary and loot increasing day by day . After Research and study of various incident of crimes we at Jain security have developed his innovative product with almost 100% security this foolproof systems come at a very affordable price as there is no Complex  wiring or electricity required. As the system works on a batteries there is no maintenance cost.
—1 .-  It can be fitted on any type of doors
—2.-  No electric wiring required. (only for charging).
—3.-  Easy to operate with very low maintenance
—4.-  22 c.m .length 12 c.m. width, 4cm height.
—5.-  Weight 1.5 kg  with packing
—6.-  110 DB sound
—7.-  YP speakers ,  3 watt ,  4 ohms
—8. - Special double locking system.
—9.-  Component :  A) resistance :- Philips/ keltron. B) Capacitors:-  keltron . C)  IC – Motorola
—      National Hitachi   D)  transistors Philips keltron.

— 10.- 4 Nos. of 9 volts. " Batteries". 


Installation with the help of screw , and support team - 9753920493, Delivery with the help of courier   

Warranty & Installation

1 year fully warranty ,  if no physical damage 

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GSM door Security alarm system


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