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ModelAir washer-2HP Motar
Motor BrandNA
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"Air washer-2HP Motar

Construction*Capacity range:- 5000 CFM*Double Skin Air Washer are fabricated out of Extruded Aluminium hollow Profile with 25/43 mm thick Double Skin Panels wit CFC and HFC for PUF and density of 40Kg/cum*All fans are statically and dynamically balanced*Common base frame for Motor and Blower*Multi slope S.S-304, Aluminium or G.I. drain pan ensures proper drainage of condensate*Induction motor with TEFC Squirrel cage for 50/60 cycle, 415 10% volts with AC supply in 3 phase or 1 phase*Motor make: SIEMENS/ ABB / KIRLOSKAR/CROMPTON or any other western origin motor*Microvee filter along with primary filters are offered along with these products"


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