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General Details
ModelLLOYD FLT24A 2 Ton Tower AC
Capacity2 Ton
Moisture RemovalNA 2.6 Litres/hour
Brand Lloyd
Model Number FLT24A
Air Circulation High 1110 CFM,Medium 1000 CFM,Low 880 CFM
Frequency 50 Hz
Noise Level High 50 dB (A)
Voltage Range 230 V
Power Consumption 2700 Watts
Dimension 50 cm x 168 cm x 26 cm

Experience a new cool wave this summer with the LLOYD FLT24A 2 Ton Tower air conditioner. Easy to use and maintain, it comes with easily removable panels and filters. The air conditioner not only lowers the temperature but also maintains the level of humidity, especially in monsoon season.


LLOYD FLT24A Tower air conditioner has 2 Ton cooling capacity which is ideal for both home as well as work place.


The aesthetic looks of this air conditioner add to the beauty of your interior. The filters and panels allow easy maintenance as you can conveniently remove and wash them when required. There is a large LED display on the front which enables you to know about the temperature and settings.

Air Filters:

LLOYD FLT24A 2 Ton Tower air conditioner comes with anti dust filter which ensures that you always get fresh and hygienic air to breathe.

Speed of Cooling:

Equipped with an air swing function, this air conditioner can cool down a large space in less time. During monsoon season or high humidity condition, just switch to the independent dehumidification mode which not only provides suitable cooling but also eliminates excessive moisture.

Sleep Mode and Timer:

The sleep mode in this air conditioner adjusts the temperature of your room according to your body metabolism so that it creates a cool and comfortable ambience for you to sleep in.

Noise Level:


LLOYD FLT24A 2 Ton Tower AC has a quiet operation having 50 dB indoor noise level.


Warranty & Installation

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