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General Details
ModelPre Filter for AIR PURIFIERS and AIR CONDITIONERS Washable & Re-Usable (2 Sheets) for Converting AC into Air Purifier (1Set)
Material Non-Woven Fiber
Size 330mm x 210mm x 2mm ( Standard )
Package Contents 2 Pieces of Air Purifying Pre Filters 1 Set
Weight15 g/ Pre-Filter

1. Ideal for families with Pets, Asthma/ Allergy sufferers, Sensitive Persons, Pregnant Women, Young Children and Babies 2. The Pre Filter enhances life of HEPA Filter, so you can save money on expensive HEPA Filter 3. Pre Filter helps capture the invisible impurities and removes dust, pollen, pet dander and other micro particle pollutants + pet hair etc. from the air and acts as the first level of defense in your Air Purifier/ Air Conditioner for Allergy Relief.


The Filters trap the pollutants, and over time turn from white to black in color, ensuring that trapped particles are not in your lungs 5. Material: Non-Woven Fiber 6. Color: White 7. Standard Size: 350mm x 270mm x 3-4mm 8. Item Weight: 15 g/ Pre-Filter 9. Package Contents: 2 Pieces of Air Purifying Pre Filters

Warranty & Installation

1.filter set suitable for  approx 200  sq ft

2. Life of filter approx 3 months but it varies as per pollution an dort level of area 

3. Warranty: NA

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