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ModelPA450 AM EAS Security System For Retail Store
Operating frequency58 kHz
MaterialPlastic, acrylic, aluminium
Brand Sure Check
Dimension 1694 (W) x 445 (H) x 64 (bottom) 48 (top) mm
Poster Dimensions 1445 (W) x 373 (H) x 0.2 (T) mm
Pedestal Weight 18 kg
Auxiliary Base Weight 11 kg
Riser Height 100 mm
Bumper 534 (W) x 100 (H) x 140 (D) mm
Hard tag 1.8m max. per pedestal (0.9 m/side),12 m maximum between the pedestal
Power requirement 100-120 V AC@60 Hz,220-240 V AC@50 Hz
Alarm Mode Buzzer/Red alarm indicator
Operating Temperature 0-49 degree C
Relative Humidity 0-90%,non-condensing

Product Description


Energy efficient, state-of-the-art 58kHz AM system

Taller and wider profile pedestal system with integrated riser and bumpers for advertisement

Quick and simple synchronization with multiple pedestal capable control box

Mono transceiver or dual configurations

High detection rate on hard tags and labels

Remote maintenance and adjustment over IP

IP managed internal people counter

Oscilloscope function to view ambient noise environment

Multimode transmitter synchronization with sync-on-command

Interference and jammer detection with distinct alarm

Multi functional alarm mapping with dual relay alarm outputs for external triggering and dynamic red alarm lighting

Multi-mode transmitter with temperature control

Programmable “Green” mode operation at 15 watts

Aluminum profile with UV stabilized acrylic


Warranty & Installation

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