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ModelFinal Proofer 4 Trolly
Materialstainless steel
Power Source Electricity Power
Capacity4 Trolley
Tray Size60 x 40 cm
No Of TrolleyNA
Capacity : 4 Trolley
Trolley Size : 60x80 mm

To ensure consistent results and maintain baking schedules, specialized tools are used to manipulate the speed and qualities of fermentation. Dough proofer warming chamber are used in baking that encourages fermentation of dough by yeast through warm temperatures and controlled humidity.

The proofer oven essentially combines a proofing cabinet with a convection oven in one compact footprint. That not only saves space in the kitchen, it also means the operator can quickly move dough from the proofer to the oven. For that convenience, this type of unit is sometimes known as a baking center.

Technical Specifications :

Capacity                 : 4 Trolley

Trolley Size            : 60x80 mm

Dimension(LxBxH) : 2550x1850x2300mm

Heating Coil            : HP11.6kw

Additional Details :

1 Trolley  : 14 Trays.

Tray Size : 60 x 40 cm 

1 Tray      : 12 Breads

Features :

Fabricated from stainless steel

Easy to operate and Easy to maintain

Reduces the Labor Cost

Saves Electricity Power

Application : Fermentation of Shaped bread dough before baking


Warranty & Installation

Warranty     : 1 Year

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Final Proofer 4 Trolly
Final Proofer 4 Trolly


Spec: Final Proofer 4 Trolly, stainless steel, Electricity Power, 4 Trolley