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Gas Heated Baking Oven ~ 1 Deck

Gas Heated Baking Oven ~ 1 Deck

Gas Heated Baking Oven ~ 1 Deck, Gas Heated Baking Oven, Bakery Oven, Gas Double Deck Baking Oven, Double Deck Gas Oven

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Brand: Others

Weight: 70.00 Kg(s)

Product Dimention(LxWxH): 1000X740X550 Millimetre(mm)

Package Dimention(LxWxH): 1000X740X550 Millimetre(mm)

General Details
Model BJY-G30-1BD
Technical Specification
Baking Chamber (WXDXH)(mm) NA
Temperature Range NA
Electrical Power Supply
Power (KW) 48W
Electrical Power Supply NA
Packing Delivery& Taxes
Despatch time after releasing the order NA
Road Permit Or Way Form NA
Model : BJY-G30-1BD
Capacity (Kg/hr) : 10
NO. Of Baking Tray : 1

Valtage / Phase (V/Ph)         : 220-240 / 1

Input Power (W)                 : 48

Machine Dimension (mm) : 1000 x 740 x 550

Packing Dimansion (mm) : 1060 x 800 x 590

Weight (Kg)                         : 70

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     Type                                         Bakery Oven

     Machine Body Material         SS

     Model                                         UK-ELP007

     Power(KW)                                     2

     Size                                             Stone size 395x395x13mmx1pc(16inch)

     Weight (kg)                                         19

     Baking Temperature Degree Celsius 50-350 Deg C

     Brand The United Kitchen

    Product Description


    All 201 stainless steel construction, sturdy and durable;

    With heating element up and down, fast temperature rising, heater separate control, easy to use;

    With time controller, you can set the baking time you want;

    Have visible window.

    This oven is not limited to cook just pizzas, a wide variety of foods such as potatoes breads,

    cakes, pies and pastries etc can also be cooked or heated;

    With Light inside, can see the product when oven working;

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     Power Source                     Electric

     Voltage                                     220 V

     Chamber Size                     10*16 Inch

     Number Of Shelves             2


    Stainless steel front Door and front Panel, Hot dip aluminum sheet internal chamber

    Max. 350 ℃ temperature control. Fast cooking within 5 minute.

    Mechanical thermostat controls separate for upper and lower heating element inside each deck.

    30 minute heat up time for 300°C temperature.

    Reinforced high temperate glass window for monitor pizza baking condition.

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     Type                                             Semi-Automatic

     Baking Capacity                              2-10 Tray

     Phase                                              Single

     Power Source                             Electric

     Voltage                                             220V

     Chamber Size                             12*18 Inch

     Brand                                             The United Kitchen

    Product Description

    We are offering Big Pizza Oven to our clients with high-quality range.

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