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General Details
Model GFO 6C, Tostmaster 3 Deck Gas Oven ( 6 Pans)
Technical Specification
Other SpecificationNA
Electrical Power Supply
Electrical Power SupplyNA
Packing Delivery& Taxes
Despatch time after releasing the orderNA
Road Permit Or Way FormN
For Baking Biscuit/Cookies, Bread/Bun, Pizza
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Power Source Gas
Number Of Decks Triple
Usage/Application Commercial, Bakery, Cateering collage, Hotels & Restaurant
Capacity 60 kg/hr
Deck Size 1355 x 960 x 1835 mm
Body Material Stainless Steel
Model Name/Number GFO 6C
Porlanmaz Stone Based Multi Deck ovens (cyclothermic) are equipped with specially designed heat recessive stone soles and heat circulation system. This system supplies an absolute uniform distribution of heating over all decks of the oven therefore gives excellent baking results.Deck ovens use conduction heat to bake products, which is a process in which heat travels directly from a hot stone or deck, to the loaf of bread or sheet pan being baked. Deck ovens also utilize radiant heat, which is a process that utilizes infrared heat waves to penetrate into the dough, heating it throughout.Deck ovens are well known for producing a beautiful, crusty loaf of bread. Rack oven uses the convection heat technology. In this convection heat process, a fan is used to circulate the heat evenly inside the baking chamber. This Convection heating ensures consistent baking.


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