Blast Freezer are mainly used in Frozen Food Industries to blast foods like vegetables, fish, ice cream and pre-prepared meals. It main purpose is to cooling food quickly to a low temperature which is safe from bacterial growth, bacteria multiply fast at high temperature but by reducing the temperature in a very short term, the food is rendered safe for storing and it is also make sure that the food is as fresh and flavorful as it can be for later consumption. In simple language we can say that blast freezer is a process in which food is very fastly frozen at extremely cold temperature.

In the entire food industry the main key challenges is elimination of bacterial activity. And one of the most successful weapons to fight against bacteria is freezing and chilling. When the temperature goes below the freezing point, the growth of bacteria multiply. This not only due to product low temperature but also to the reduction in liquid water activity - thus depriving microorganisms/bacteria of the water they need to metabolite.

A blast freezer can decrease the temperature of the food from +70 C to -18 C in just four to five hours. There is a wide range of blast chillers in the market which you can find it in our website They are available with different range, size and power savings. Also available with auto defrost and modes for noise reduction.

Advantages Of Blast Freezer

I. Blast freezer maintain the nutrition value, texture, color and flavor of the food.

II. Design of blast freezer to fit in limited space requirements. Easy to install and easy to move.

III. Both sides stainless steel (SS/SS) panels. Good insulation and easy for cleaning.

IV. Aluminum alloy plates with high efficient heat exchange.

V. Its Capacity is from 500 kg to 10000 kg.

VI. Air Contact freezing