Aajjo.com has launched its Android app. The mobile-optimized version of Aajjo.com is available on all mobile phones that support the Internet. The App operates on all mobile devices having Android Version 4.5 or above installed in them. It connects sellers to millions of buyers on its platform.

Download Aajjo.com Android App :

The mobile App allows sellers in their preferred area and location easily. It also allows them to buy leads and manage them directly from their mobile phones. The app is provided with the product lists what Aajjo.com offers.

New Launched Features:

Wait! It’s not the end yet. What’s more, our application's newly launched features make it the most demanding App of all. When a user goes through this application, he/she will be able to avail the benefits of the following new features of this app:

  • Seller Dashboard
  • Instant Leads with Notification
  • Buy Lead
  • Lead Manager
  • Call Section
  • PR Request Customer added to cart and tried to purchase this product
  • Cart Data Customer added your product to cart.
  • Catalogue View List of customers who viewed your products.
  • Wishlist Data List of customers who added product to Wishlist
  • Product Catalogue


What Can All Users Do with Aajjo.com App?

What Can All Users Do with Aajjo.com App?

  • A seller gets instant leads via notification. By tapping on “VIEW ALL” button, all the notifications will be shown up.
  • Option – “Buy Leads” is available so that a seller can easily purchase the lead.
  • Manage Lead is one of the features that can help a seller to manage the purchased leads as per their need.
  • The List of Call Records from Aajjo.com.


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About Aajjo.com

Aajjo.com is an online Business to Business (B2B) portal for businesses based in India and around the globe. The portal was started in 2015 to offer comprehensive business solutions to the global EXIM community through its online services, directory services, and facilitation of trade promotional events. The company is headquartered in Delhi, India, and has branch offices in big cities across India.