Ripening chamber must be designed of polyurethane according to the required dimension and capacity. The capacity of ripening chamber to hold and ripen is up to 5MT to 500MT of fruits. It almost take 4-5 days to ripen the fruits. A framework is necessary to support the chamber with PVC pipes of thickness 0.33 mm. The chamber should be as air tight as possible to prevent loss of ethylene. Air tight packed room also prevents ethylene from entering unwanted areas such as other cold storage room having ethylene-sensitive items. The chambers must be insulated properly so that it control the temperature, also in cold weather the chamber must need heating equipment to maintain the temperature. The refrigerated air inside the ripening chamber must circulate at all times uniformly throughout the load. The boxes of fruit must be "air stacked" for non-pressurized rooms, so that the boxes should be offset to allow the air to circulate among all the boxes. You can also check ripening chamber prices, manufacturer and suppliers at