Freezer Rooms are rooms which are designed to replace multiple upright Freezers that are temperature-controlled and maintained by a central Refrigeration system. These freezer rooms are Ideal for the storing genetic

Material like DNA, donor body parts etc. These freezer rooms maintain Temperatures as low as -65°C (-85°F).

Some of the advantages of freezer rooms are-

1. Faster and easier to assemble.

2. Does not require extra wiring, piping and connection cabling.

3. The condensing unit should be located in a safe place because noise generated from the condenser/compressor causes disturbance, and the heat emissions generated by the compressor and condenser units should not affect the ambient temperature of the room where the freezer room is installed.

Proper maintenance of the freezer room serves the purpose of keeping the room in good working order throughout their lifetime. A distinction is made between corrective and preventive maintenance. Countries need to develop an in-house capacity for the maintenance of the entire stock. A suitably qualified technician needs to be available on location, to carry out first-line maintenance on the freezer rooms. This person will be qualified to carry out basic maintenance actions and be able to determine when outside professional expertise needs to be called in.