Air-conditioning has transformed our lives and has made a great difference in our todays world. In our country more than 65% of houses are well equipped with air conditioners, either with central AC or window AC. But by comparison, the central AC system is more convenient and easy to use. Also these equipment have a long life span of about 10 years and if maintained well can function well for about 15 years.

How it works - There are two ducts, supply ducts which distribute cool air from the air handler to the rooms in the house and return ducts which carry warm air back to the air handler to be filtered and cooled until ducts deliver cool air evenly throughout the house. At least two grills are required for a room: one for connecting the supply duct and the other for the return duct. A cold liquid flows through evaporator
coils and here the warm air gets absorbed and pushed to the condenser where it gets pressurized by a compressor. The air is then cooled and flows through connected ducts to the interior of a room. Thus this cycle gets repeated again and again to serve a consistent cooling temperature.