How to design a Cold Storage

cold room is a storage area with extremely low temperatures for a variety of products. Precision instruments are utilized throughout the construction to verify that temperatures stay within acceptable ranges. Cold storage facilities are used in a variety of industrial applications, including food and beverage manufacturing/retail, pharmaceutical/medical, horticulture, morgues, and funeral homes.

modular cold room is another sort of cold storage that is used in numerous industries. This type of storage comprises a professionally sized refrigerated room. Modular cold rooms can be tailored to match any space. An industrial cold room differs from a modular cold room in that the former is larger, provides cold storage for bulk items, and permits vehicle access.

Before you make a decision to understand how to design a cold room, ensure that you know all the factors responsible for cold room design.

Factors to Consider in Cold Room Design

The following factors will guide you in designing your Cold Rooms without any hassles.

1. Selection of Cold Storage Room Site

When making decisions based on its operation, the location of the cold storage room must be taken into consideration. Take the case of a rented cold storage room; the location of the cold storage room must take into account the nearby market and accessibility.

 2. Volume of the Cold Storage Room

Different types of items require different sizes of cold storage rooms. In general, we calculate our vegetables using a 57% cubic meter per ton formula. The frozen meat is estimated using a 4 cubic meter per ton formula, which is also based on the cold storage room shelf design.

 3. Refrigeration Unit Selection

The cooling capacity and number of cold storage room refrigeration units are determined based on the maximum heat load of the items; nevertheless, the quality of the refrigeration units is critical, since good quality and careful selection will have a significant impact on energy usage.

 4. Cold Storage Room Insulation

Cold storage room insulation exists in two types: polyurethane spraying and cold storage room panels. The cold storage panels have a quick installation time, a neat look, and the spraying is not suited for a steel construction workshop since it is a manual operation. The density is usually uneven.

5. Cold Storage Room Temperature

The lower the cold storage room temperature, the higher the cold storage room cost for the same cold storage room dimension.



High temperature cold room design temperature (-2~8°C)
Medium temperature cold room design temperature (-10~-23°C)
Low temperature cold room design temperature (-23~-30°C)
Ultra-low temperature cold room design temperature (-30~-80°C)


 6. Numbers of Rooms in One Cold Storage Room

The more rooms in a cold storage room of the same size, the more refrigeration units, cold room panels, and refrigeration accessories will be used, resulting in a higher cold storage room pricing.

What Happens If Your Cold Room Is Designed Poorly?

Having a poorly planned cold storage facility could lead to future problems. Not only may you lose a significant amount of product, but a poorly built cold storage solution could also cause your energy expenditures to skyrocket. It's critical to get the design right the first time to avoid long-term financial consequences.

The Final Thought

In rooms with temperatures below zero, a door frame heater and an underfloor heater should be fitted to prevent the door from freezing shut and ice from developing on the floor. It's vital to remember that the longer a cold storage door remains open, the higher the energy expenditures will maintain the same temperature levels.







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Thanks so much for talking about design details for a cold room. My cousin's husband owns a restaurant and they've grown to the point where they need a walk-in fridge area. He's been looking into finding a company that can help him get a cold room installed quickly and efficiently so he can continue to serve food.

It is appreciated that you said that the maximum heat load of the products is used to determine the cooling capacity and quantity of cold storage room refrigeration units. My aunt complained that the restaurant's commercial refrigerator was not blowing cool air. I'll make a call to the commercial refrigerator repair service to fix it and provide recommendations for my aunt's restaurant's best cooling capacity.

I was captivated when you shared that the maximum heat load of the items affects the cooling capacity of a refrigeration room. My friend told me that their refrigeration room needs repair. I should advise him to look for an expert in refrigeration room repair to ensure quality work.

Insightful and hope you keep sharing such wonderful information with us

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