How to select a Cold Storage

1. In designing a Cold room some requirements have been taken care  according to the storing material . example for fruits and vegetables




 co2  in some cases

ethylene  in some cases.

2. Once the basic conditions are selected than comes size of the cold room ,that has been calculated on the quantity of material stored in the cold room .


a)single commodity cold store

b)Multi commodity cold store

c) weight of the material stored ie

50MT,100 MT,500MT,1000MT,2000MT,5000MT

Multi commodity cold store give option to store the various commodity as per profit and quantity .

3)Structure and  Insulation 

After selecting the size  type of insulation is  being selected with the best insulation properties .generally designer and users compromises on the quality of insulation due to prices and this could lead to more power consumption and more running cost and reduces profit. Now a days PUF is being used in insulation which have good insulation property

4)Heat Load estimation

This is the most important aspect in designing a cold storage ,this tell us what capacity of refrigeration machines is required in the cold storage.This also give overview of our power consumption our power load as well as the running cost  for the plant.their are many factors on which  heat load of cold room calculated.

size of the cold storage

Insulation material type and thickness of insulation

product storage

door opening of the cold storage

Fresh air infilteration

product in temperature

product storage temperature

Pull down time 


On the basis of above calculations the heat load can be calculated .

5)Selection o Cold Room  Equipments

On the basis of heat load Equipments has been selected that can be ammonia based or freon based .that can be aircooled or water cooled. compressor can be semihermatic ,scroll,screw or hermatic .

system can be  based on chiller water system or direct expansion .


Who will not required best valued product in reasonable prices.After designing  technical  parameters Negotiate for the  best valued product  .

When  We install the cold storage we help our nation by  saving food commodity of nation and this gives you profits also .Many counties  like India are giving  huge subsidy in  cold storarge  also