When comparing various trade platforms like IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Aajjo, or JustDial, the most important thing you should take care of the business model, along with the beneficial aspects for both the buyers and sellers. Furthermore, getting maximum leads is one of the imperative aspects for which a customer choose the  business platform. 

Whether you’re a seller or buyer, and you’re confused over which of the four  business platform – IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Aajjo, and JustDial – is the best, we’ve covered all the necessary stuffs in this guide so that you’ll get the rough idea. Let’s start with the top and then discuss important aspects for each one of the four. 

1. IndiaMart

IndiaMart is an Indian e-commerce company that offers B2B and customer to customer sales services through its web portal. IndiaMart generates more than three Crore enquires every month. It is one of the most effective avenues for sellers to promote business and generate leads. 

The Buyer can connect with you through email or direct call. Furthermore, the Company has no involvement in the transaction between the Buyer and Seller.

Discussing the judging parameters, here’re the following points you must go through:

  • Historical Facts

    IndiaMart Business Listing is an Indian e-commerce portal for business-to-business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) transactions. The company was founded in 1996 with the goal of connecting Indian manufacturers with buyers. Dinesh Agarwal and Brijesh Agrawal founded IndiaMart.

  • Business Model

    It is an e-commerce firm that links Indian suppliers and manufacturers with global buyers. It is the leading B2B marketplace in India and the third-most successful company in the world. The following points would explain how the business works:

    • IndiaMart offers both free services as well as paid memberships to its users, especially for its SMEs (Small, Medium-Sized Enterprises). For SMEs, registration is free of cost. They are added to a list of peers in their industry as soon as they register. They are also provided with a free website on IndiaMart.
    • Just like any other eminent portals like YouTube and Spotify, IndiaMart provides its users with options to upgrade their websites. Users must pay a set sum to enhance their profiles.
    • The membership account not only gives SMEs a premium listing but also gives them more business options.
    • After users get a reasonable outcome from the PPL model, they can pay a normal amount to buy the membership plan.

    Now, let’s discuss what IndiaMart’s business model offers for buyers and sellers separately. 

  • For Buyers
    • IndiaMart’s website or mobile application allows buyers to connect with the sellers. 
    • The feature - Post Your Requirement allows buyers to enter the “Requirement Information” in the provided fields. 
    • The Products and Services directory helps buyers to get all the services that IndiaMart offers. 
    • With the “Manage Requirements” option, a buyer can get the contact details of the supplier. 
    • Secure & Hassel free payments. 
    • Reliable and genuine suppliers. 
    • You'll have access to providers in your location as well as across India.
    • When a buyer selects a product to purchase, he/she will get the “Contact Supplier” option that allows them to fill a form to direct interaction with the seller. 
    • The IndiaMart mobile application helps buyers to access all the features seamlessly. 
  • For Sellers
    • Free registration for sellers with just a mobile number. 
    • Business details, products that a seller wants to sell all can be done without any difficulties. 
    • Get qualified business leads from buyers all over the globe.
    • The free listing in relevant categories on the IndiaMart directory allows sellers to get business enquiries from buyers interested in the particular product. 
    • Sellers also get access to an easy-to-use IndiaMart seller panel, which helps them manage your business on IndiaMart. 
    • As a verified registered seller on IndiaMart, it’s easy to get access to enquiries from verified and authentic buyers. 
    • Additionally, if a seller is a registered user, he/she does not have to furnish the information every time they wish to use the portal. This saves time.
  • Membership Plan

    IndiaMart is an excellent source of high-quality leads for your company. In order to obtain leads, a user must also purchase Paid Membership. Every month, a defined number of Buy Leads are provided via the premium listing. It is primarily determined by which of the packages you have purchased. If you have a free business listing, you can buy leads for a small fee.

  • Higher listing on IndiaMart:
    • Under the IndiaMart Advantage Program, 35 purchasing leads are generated each week (IMA).
    • Corporate video of your Company. 
    • Free Trust SEAL certificate. 
    • Flexibility to select your categories. 
    • Leading Supplier.

2. TradeIndia

It is one of the major online directory services, trade promotions, and events provider in India. It is a business-to-business marketplace that provides business solutions to worldwide importers and exporters. Tradeindia has achieved ISO 9001: 2000 certification. It is a business-to-business (B2B) internet site that offers services in India and around the world.

  • Historical Facts

    Bikky Khosla founded the Portal in 1996 under the banner of Infocom Network Ltd. It is based in New Delhi and has 35 branches around India, as well as 1200 professional employees.

  • Business Model

    Trade India is a company that sells packages for the B2B and B2C industries in India, including websites and listings on portals. Then they promote these pages and products based on the package subscribed by the company for enquiry generation. This is for the purpose of generating leads so that businesses can increase sales.

    Tradeindia has transformed an offline yellow pages business strategy into an online one. The majority of its revenue comes from the business listing. The free listing fees range from 3000 to 13000 rupees each year.

    TradeIndia functions as a search engine, with 180 million page views every month. This company offers customers a variety of options for selecting services for their listing.

  • For Buyers
    • Buyer can post their requirement. The seller will contact the buyer when they have posted their requirements.
    • If you want any particular business or trade details, subscribe to Sell Trade Alerts. 
    • You can search the seller for your requirement.
  • For Seller
    • Tradeindia gives sellers several choices for promoting their company listings. 
    • Displaying of new product facility.
    • A seller can post up to 50 photos for a year free of cost.
    • Feature of modification or deletion the gallery at any time.
    • Facility to “Subscribe Buy Trade Alerts” for businesses. 
    • If a business requires fright services, get fright quotas.
    • Get Packers & Movers. 
  • Membership Plan

    TradeIndia provides a variety of membership plans to meet your unique business needs in a variety of fields. A user can select any of the plans connected to their industry, allowing them to select and purchase the appropriate products/services for company venture. Take advantage of the various product and service bundles available in this department to give the firm a competitive advantage. Under Bundle Package,

    • Catalog divided into four sections: home page, company profile, showroom, and contact us.
    • Option to upload unlimited image.
    • Product search option within catalog.
    • Optimized for multiple screens (Desktop/Laptop/Mobile)
    • The full product range in the listing is displayed as a slideshow.
    • Trust Stamp is placed against listing on TradeIndia. 

3. Aajjo.com

Aajjo.com is a B2B and B2C platform that offers the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to assist buyers, merchants, brands, and other businesses in connecting with suppliers and customers.

  • Historical Facts

    Aajjo.com established a rapid foothold on the online platform in 2015, offering an exclusive range of utility items for all industrial uses in the categories of Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Commercial Kitchen, Hotel Equipment, Dairy Equipment, Home Appliance & Electrical, and so on.

  • Business Model

    he business model of Aajjo is similar to B2B and B2C market industries. Aajjo.com monetizes its services through four main business segments that it formally names as core commerce, digital media and entertainment, and innovation initiatives and others. 

    Aajjo’s segment is comprised of its various digital retail and wholesale marketplaces, as well as logistics and local consumer services. The company earns money from merchants by selling a variety of marketing services, membership fees, customer management services, product sales, transaction commissions, and software service fees. The company earns money from local customers through platform commissions and on-demand delivery services.

    Customer management services and membership subscription fees are the primary sources of revenue for this category. 

  • For Buyers
    • On the main dashboard of Aajjo.com, many products categories a buyer would get to see. 
    • If a buyer choose any of the product category, he/she will get the product details – whether it is about price details or sellers name. 
    • The “Add to Cart” option is available to add chosen products into the cart to buy from that particular seller. 
    • With “Request Callback,” Aajjo team will help you connect to a seller in your local area so that a seamless approach to buy products can be possible.  
    • Not only in India, can the buyers residing in other countries connect with the seller to get the product. 
    • Direct Call facility to connect the team of Aajjo to help with purchasing the product, no matter where you’ve been put up. 
    • The Aajjo.com has been one of the leading company who’s been known to listing products from the sellers all over the Country so that buyers would not face any difficulties to find the product they want. 
  • For Sellers
    • Free registration for sellers with just a couple of details. 
    • Aajjo.com provides the seller URL with username and password to access the local area. 
    • Under “Lead Manager,” You can find eye-catching features, such as Call enquiries, Buy Leads, My Leads, Cart Data, wish-list Data, Catalogue Views, Purchase Request, and so on. 
    • There are reports that have been found on the dashboard – such as Seller Report, Sales Report, Products Report, and Product Views. 
    • Under Seller Tools, a seller can add new products, manage Stocks, as well as Orders. 
    • Displaying of new product facility.
    • There is no limitation for sellers to post products. 
    • Benefits to exhibit the products in the annual exhibition – virtual EXPO to attract buyers. 
    • Aajjo.com mobile application allows sellers to get maximum leads seamlessly. 
  • Membership Plan

    There’re four packages – Trusted, Star Performer, Gold Certified, Industry leader – being offered by Aajjo. Depending upon which package you choose, the number of enquiries will be provided. Let’s discuss all the membership or subscription packages one by one. 

    1. Trusted: Under Trusted package, benefits such as enquiries on product, call Enquiries, a listing of limited products, product Views report, Cart/Wishlist report, standard commission on product sale, featured leads along with you can create 1 video (video duration 1-2 minutes)
    2. Star Seller: All the features of Trusted are included, along with discounted commission on product sale, 2 products promotion on top location, features of promoting products on Google Search shopping tab and feature & manage leads. 
    3. Premium Seller: In this package, along with the features of “Star Seller,” you can promote 5 products on top location, have a store inventory module with seller panel, and create 3 videos. 
    4. Industry Leader: Additional to the Premium Seller package, you can get here 10 products promotion on top location and create 5 videos for your product promotion. This is one of the featured packages of Aajjo.com. 

4. JustDial

JustDial is India's No. 1 Local Search engine, offering local search-related services to consumers across the country via a variety of platforms, including a website, a mobile website, Apps (Android, iOS, and Windows), and over the phone. JustDial's only aim is to connect buyers and sellers by providing users with fast, free, dependable, and comprehensive information.

  • Historical Facts

    The company's operations began in 1996 with the provision of local search services under the Justdial brand, which has now grown to become India's leading local search engine. Justdial's search services bridge the gap between users and businesses by assisting consumers in easily finding relevant suppliers of products and services, while assisting businesses included in Justdial's database in marketing their offerings.

  • Business Model

    Justdial is a data collection process that provides information to users via phone, SMS, and the Internet. The company's revenue plan consists of premium subscriptions or   classified ad listings, analytical reports, and data sales to customers. Initially, it was a telephone directory-based model.

    JustDial offers local search services and collect data about various business offers and make it available to users. It also provides useful and up-to-date information in a B2B and B2C online community for feedback that is multilingual and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • For Buyers:
    • The platform provides wide range of product catalogues, starting from health and medical tools to industrial machinery. 
    • Sign up option is available to start purchasing your product. 
    • Buyers can post their requirement under the Request for Quote pop-up. Once the requirement is posted, a buyer can be connected with verified seller.  
  • For Seller:
    • An option is available for a seller to promote their business listing.
    • Allow sellers to display their new products listed.
    • Modification or deletion of the product.
    • Trade Alert is available for businesses on time. 
  • Membership Plan

    Just Dial provides two pricing plans for the product: a 20,000 rupee initial setup charge and a monthly fee of 2,000 rupees, as well as a one-time fee of 1,20,000 rupees (though Just Dial is currently offering an introductory price of 65,000 rupees).

Final Note

We have finished comparing four distinct e-commerce systems. As you can see, each one has its own method of granting access to its users. So it's up to you to decide which one to use based on your product listing and platform compatibility.

All the best