With regards to greater efficiency and food basic safety and decreased foods waste, a great time chiller or freezer could be a appealing factor in your business. Great time chillers and freezers operate by rapidly reducing temps of food items merchandise. Speedy cooling down lessens loss from evaporation in comparison to a typical cool method (like in a freezer). In addition, speedy cooling down aids lessens the actual size of ice-cubes crystals that kind in food items after it is cooled and frosty. Greater ice-cubes crystals injury food items when your meals are defrosted and trigger extra dampness release that can wreck texture and flavor.

Blast chillers and freezers also let businesses and restaurants to acquire seasonal items that can be frozen for too long amounts of time. In season products and ingredients that happen to be positioned in fun chiller or freezer thaw very barely and well get rid of any quality so they can be offered at any moment.

Check out these extra great applications your great time chiller or fridge can be used for listed below:

Swiftly Cool Off Cooked Products AND BAKED Spaghetti

Rapid cool off of cooked merchandise helps them preserve their form. More specifically, pies keep their flaky texture as well as their crusts are unlikely to drop flat. Great time chillers and freezers also help get ready and funky downward cooked spaghetti beforehand for sauces and braises.

MAKE Added SMOOTH Ice cubes Products AND SORBETS

Rapid cooling means smaller ice crystals, as stated above. These smaller crystals provide for the creation of more smooth and creamy ice-cubes lotions and sorbets. Smooth textures help with more complicated treat dishes like frozen treats cakes and bombes.


Blast chillers are great for easily chilling down back again carry of inventory that has not been kept in a family fridge. This is useful for beer and wine that may be purchased with a customer but has been kept at room temperature.


A more market use for great time chillers and freezers is cryo-shucking clams and oysters, and mussels. Once frozen Shellfish can be frozen in the blast freezer and then thawed in a refrigerator and no one will ever know they were. The appear as refreshing as being the time these were captured!

Whilst a blast chiller or fridge isn’t a cooking area vital, it could definitely increase your restaurant’s capacity to be productive and cuts down on stock decrease. Contact us today with any questions about great time chillers and freezers. At Bush Refrigeration, we can help you get the excellent blast chiller or fridge for the kitchen area!