Things Important to Know Before Buying Marble God Statue

From the beginning of Human Civilisation, when they started talking, eating, and wearing clothes, the era of worshipping Idols came into the knowledge. From numerous archaeological sites, we get to know Statue formations and how they thought our deity was. Several mythological scriptures, books, and places are available with proof of God's description. The theist population wants to worship the idol with focus and devotion. And, to bring God to us, the formation and business of Marble God Statue started. These are various procedures and persons needed to make a stone that pleases the idol you worship daily. It seems interesting, so let's see how these Marble God Idols are manufactured. The several processes in manufacturing are Marble Selection, Carving, decoration, painting, etc. We will try to understand each of them separately and will try to understand what makes it a profitable business.

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How are Marble God Idols formed?

The process of manufacturing the Marble God Statue starts with the selection procedure. Getting a pure marble with qualities like durability, and luminosity, providing ease of working, don't get affected by harsh climate conditions is not an easy task. The various marble used in these pious statue manufacturing is generally comprised of Makrana Marble. Some of these are: Grey or Dungri, Pink Makrana, Albeta, Brown and Kumari Makrana. The Marble Indian God Statues are made with white makrana due to their glorified properties. The translucent nature of this marble allows the reflection, which brings a divine glow to the idol. Some historical monuments like the Taj Mahal justify these marble's shining nature and durability. 

After selecting the marble, the following process of carving or engraving on the marble. Forming an Image of the superior one needs talent and experience to match both mythology and customer requisition. The Marble Statue of Hindu Gods requires fine artistry, whether ornaments, faces, avatars, multiple limbs, Arms, pets, etc. If we talk by taking example, there are various postures of Lord Hanuman statue available in the market. These are Panchmukhi, Standing, Ram Parivar, etc. Making them similar and adding the differences requires knowledge and skills. After carving, an idol's structure becomes visible to us, but bringing God into the statue is still one step ahead. 

The next, or the last step, is colouring and decorating the Marble God Idols. The shades and lining are embellished with various colours, creating separations of different parts and clarifying the image more. The Paintwork needs to be done with huge perfections and by keeping find artwork in mind. The Paint used in the process is of high quality and won't get faded over time.  

Top Manufacturers and Sellers of Marble God Statues Online and Offline

To ease the selection procedure of best quality Marble Statues of Hindu Gods, we find some of these statues' top manufacturers and sellers. We set various parameters in this procedure from the customer's perspective and find these manufacturers fulfilling all these demands. The multiple factors which make these sellers preferable in this industry are timely delivery, customer-friendly nature, quality verified, experienced, healthy pricing, etc. Let's discuss these sellers briefly and learn about the things to consider while buying them.

Hament Murti Kala Kendar 

The Hament Murti Kala Kendar is a Ramgarh, Alwar Rajasthan-based company. They are one of the leading manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of a wide range of Marble God StatueThe various products they deal with are Stone Foundation, Stone Temple, Several God Statues, Marble Human Statues, Marble Radha Krishna Statue, Hanuman Marble Statue, Mahadev Statue, Ram Darbar Marble Statue, Buddha Statue, Decorative Statues, etc. Numerous customers appreciate their manufactured products for their perfect finishing, aesthetic designs, elegant looks, exclusive patterns, durability, and long-lasting shine. They are one of the most trusted brands in this category and have gained a strong foothold in the market. Their highly experienced and specialised teams work divinely to produce captivating images of these idols.

Bhuvnesh Murti Kala Kendra

From their establishment in Alwar, Rajasthan, they are now one of the top sellers, manufacturers, and retailers of these Marble God Idols. They have a recognised name in the statue industry and deal in various artworks. Some of these are Marble Gautam Buddha Statue, Laxmi Narayan Statue, Maharana Pratap Statue, Shiv Parivar Statue, Marble Krishna Statue, Khodiyar Mataji Statue, Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji Statue, Shani Dev Statue, Kaali Mata Statue, Bharat Mata Statue, Mirabai Statue, Sheetla Mata Statue, Gorakhnath Statue, Baba Balak Nath Statue, Goga Ji Statue, Sai Baba Statue, Bahuchara Mata Statue, Shree Ganesh Statue and many more. Their manufactured products are highly durable and follow mythology. They own a very dignified and experienced team that works to mesmerise their audience with the beauty of statues.  

Aravali Murti Udhyog

The Aravali Murti Udhyog is a 1985-established Rajasthan-based company, constantly working to rule this industry for the past 37 years. Customer-centric product manufacturing makes them one of the preferable companies in this industry. They are one of the leading manufacturers, sellers, and retailers of the Marble God Statue. It owns a vast and well-functioned infrastructural unit that plays a significant role in its growth. They have a very skilful team that knows the usage of advanced manufacturing techniques and designs. Their manufacturing plant is equipped with all the essential tools, machinery, and technologies to create the best Marble Indian God Statues. All their manufactured products are unmatched in beauty, durability, quality finish, and elegance. They offer a wide range of quality products: Marble Ganesh Statues, Ram Darbar Marble Moorti, Marble Lamps, Marble Plates, vases, etc.

Pratima Marble Crafts

From their start in Alwar Rajasthan, Pratima Marble Crafts is one of India's leading manufacturers, retailers, and sellers of these Marble God Statues Online and offline. They are known in this industry for their quality, affordable pricing, and timely delivery systems. Various products they are dominantly manufacturing and selling are Maa Vaishno Devi Marble Statue, White Marble Goddess Durga, Marble Santoshi Mata, White Standing Hanuman Marble, Painted Marble Jhulelal, Painted Gayatri Mata, Dattatreya Marble Statue, White Marble Durga Mata, White Chamunda Mata, Painted Chamunda Mata, Narasimha Statue, Black Marble Hanuman, White Marble Bhairav Statue, Shailputri Mata, Brahmcharini Mata, Shyam Kartik Statue, Elephant Statue, Marble Human Statue, Marble Nandi, and many more. Their products are known for long-life shining and stability. Their manufacturing units ensure the durability and luminosity of the statue.  

Lokesh Marble Murti Art  

The Lokesh Marble Murti Art is a well-known Rajasthan-based company. They are constantly working with a mission to deliver the best Marble Statue of Hindu Gods and other stone works services domestically and overseas. They are dominating the market with their affordable & International quality God Idols. They deal in various marble works such as Kali Mata Statue, Saraswati Maa Statue, Gorakhnath Statue, Balmiki Murti, Marble Ramdarbar, Marble Hanuman Ji, Marble Shiv Ji, and several others. A very skilful and experienced team makes these products. They are made to withstand heat, water, and climate conditions and won't get fade over time.  

Shri Deep Murti Art

The Shri Deep Murti Art starts its journey with Marble God Idols manufacturers in Alwar, Rajasthan. They are a well-known company for their quality products with pocket-friendly pricing. These Manufactured products are well appreciated in the market and are known for their valuable customer service. They deal in a wide range of products; some of them are Marble Laddu Gopal, Marble Radha Krishna, Marble Hanuman Ji, Marble Shiv Parvati, Marble Swami Samarth Murti, Marble Valmiki, Marble Datta guru, Marble Swami Narayan Murti, Marble Jugal Sarkar Murti, Marble Laxmi Mata, etc. They have a proficient and fully trained expert team that produces these errorless fine artworks.  

Shri Statue Art

A Thane, Mumbai-based company, Shri Statue Art is one of the leading manufacturers, sellers, and retailers of Marble God Statue. They deal in various artworks: Iscon Radha Krishna, White Mata Saraswati, Panchmukhi Hanuman, Marble Durga Mata, etc. They are proficiently working in this field constantly and standing at one of the top positions in this industry. Their Manufactured products are quality tested and come with high durability and artistry. They managed their reach among customers and established a prioritising brand with the help of their adroit team members. 

Things that affect Marble God Statue Price

The Source of divinity sometimes wander us from the prices, and we forget to compare the prices of them. But we won't let you do so; we will discuss Marble God Statue Price and things that affect it briefly in this section. So, several things impact the costs of these marble statues. They are size, raw material quality, manufacturing, brands, etc. Let's begin with height, so as the surface area grows; there goes a surge in the material used, carving time, equipment needed, etc. This rise impacts the costs of our idols as well. The next is the material used or the quality of the material, so these Statues are made up of a wide range of marbles, and several pure or impure marbles are available in the market. The best and pure quality Marble God Idols may open your pocket a bit more. 

The third one is manufacturing, So one of the most critical parts that make the idol worshipable is their manufacturing. The usage of colours, their luminosity, and the affection that they create make these marble sellable. Skilful textures, beautiful designs, ornaments, and perfect curving of the face and body, like eyes, limbs, and nose, differentiate a good quality product from a bad one. So, one of the most critical conclusions is that the artwork can affect the costs of these Marble Indian Gods Statues. Another factor that brings a rise in the prices is the equipment used though they won't affect the cost much. 

One of the major factors we forgot to mention or discuss is location. It affects the costs of the statue most because of the availability of the marble. Various extra state tax, VAT, and manufacturing cost impacts the prices of these Marble Statue of Hindu Gods. These are the multiple factors that affect the costs of the idols, but there are solutions to contradict all of these and get the best statue at very affordable prices.  


In this article, we read about Marble God Statue briefly. We discussed the importance of marble in the manufacturing process of these statues. We read about various methods for transforming the statue into a divine idol. Then, we read how to select the quality and differentiate between the good and the best. Later, we learn about several manufacturers of these God Idols and what makes them rule this industry. We read about the Marble God Statue Price and various factors influencing it. And this is the time to discuss how we can reduce the surge and make our purchase effortless. The suggestion is to use online purchases to avoid location-based price raises. The online purchase process demands a bit of time, but we can resolve this problem too.

If you are reading this article, it means you are known to We are India's leading B2B marketplace and are on a mission to establish a profitable relationship between buyers and sellers. Here, we are constantly working to help you in availing of the best quality products at very affordable prices. The Marble Indian God Statues and other products listed on our website are quality assured and made by experienced sellers. Our highly skilful customer support team helps you with the site interface and ensures that you get the best product at genuine prices. 

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