Picking the best brand for electronics has always been a task, more than the products these days the brand name speaks out. A brand name speaks more of trust than the product description.

If talking about Air conditioners then one can find multiple brands for the same. Indian market is such that

But there are multiple brands in the market for Air conditioners and Indian market is flooded with so many models. This thing just creates confusions for the customers and they generally tend to buy a wrong model for their space.

Here we will let you know how to choose a good brand for air conditioners for your place. So this summer don’t waste time searching for a cheap AC rather the best brand. Here is a short analysis on which brand one should go for and how  one is considering to buy an air conditioner.

Focus on the Air-Conditioning Technology More

Brands should be judged on their air conditioning technology. As brands which comes with a good air conditioning technology they are best in class technology and have done extensive research on cooling.

A good conditioning technology air conditioner will last longer than ordinary AC’s, and brands that come with this have higher efficiency.

Generally what happen is these air conditioners are costly and people tend to not buy them. But what matter is the efficiency of these air conditioners and their longevity. Once a spending always a saving.

Different appliances one brand shouldn’t be in count

If one brand is popping up with many other appliances doesn’t mean it is expert in cooling. This is disbelief in that particular brand. What happen is they have to focus on many things and getting best in all the appliances isn’t possible. It’s just people who can’t afford high cost air conditioners can go for these brands, but consider the top brands only.

Have a study of these brands and how they rate in the market should be considered.

One more benefit of such brands is that they are available in almost all areas and so are their service centres. This gives an ease and reliability and value for money.

Low price isn’t efficient

Many brands come with cheapest air conditioners to engage more market but does that really give you efficient cooling ? No not at all, and not just efficient cooling they are low on energy star rating and after a time you’ll be paying double your bills. So never go for brands which sell air conditioners at lower prices than the actual market price. And if you still believe buying an air conditioner at a lower price is a good deal then go for it and keep on increasing your bills.

Always keep one thing in mind that buying an air conditioner is a long term investment, so never go for a brand which makes you spend more amount after 2 years or so.

Keep one more thing in mind that don’t be an emotional buyer and buy a brand which is family, as they won’t give a good experience. So follow these simple guidelines and tada summers would be much cool and fun.

FOR more of an easy way select these brands

HITACHI: Hitachi stand out to be the best brand for air conditioners in the Indian market, and models which can be looked at are

Hitachi Ace R410ARAU018EVEA 1.5ton inverter Split AC

Hitachi 1.5ton 5 Star Window AC RAV518HUD White

BLUE STAR: The second best air conditioner brand, which come great efficient air conditioning technology. Here are some of the models to look out for

Blue Star 1.5Ton 3 Star Windows AC- 3W18LB White

Blue Star 5HW18ZCR1 1.5Ton 5 Star AC

 LG: LG is one of the best brand which supports multiple appliances, but its air conditioners are above average and is at fame in the Market. Let’s see the top models which can be considered.

LG LSA3TM5D 1Ton 5 Star Split Air Conditioner White.

LG LWA5CT5A 1.5Ton 5 Star Window AC White

SAMSUNG: Samsung is another brand which supports many appliances and has made a good name for air conditioners as well. Here are the best air conditioners from Samsung

Samsung Max AR18HC3USNB 1.5Ton 3 Star Split AC

Samsung AR12JC3USUQ 1Ton 3 Star Split AC