Top 10 Brick Making Machine Sellers Operating In India

The need for bricks is steadily expanding in India as the construction industry booms. Even a large 10-story structure necessitates a million bricks. And the manual process of creating bricks, from mining clay to scraping out mud and pouring it into moulds to cure in the sun before baking in kilns, is time-consuming. This is why every industry is moving toward automation.

The rise in demand for efficient, enhanced, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly construction equipment is a significant driver of the global brick making machines market. Furthermore, increasing urbanization, an increase in demand for modern residences, and the continual growth of urban lands are expected to drive the market even further. Furthermore, increased government assistance, cheap bank loans (commercial and residential), investments, and commercial space expansion are projected to boost the brick manufacturing machines market in the near future. The world's population has been growing at an exponential rate, necessitating the demand for residential buildings and, as a result, increasing the use of brick producing equipment around the world.

Furthermore, the majority of brick manufacturing plants are located on the outskirts of major cities. Nowadays, most builders choose to create bricks on-site in order to save the logistical costs of raw materials such as bricks. As a result, an increase in demand for auto brick manufacturing machines at building sites is expected to boost the market during the forecast period. However, the growing desire for glass-encased structures is expected to hinder the growth of the worldwide brick manufacturing machines market during the forecast period.

In this article, we are not going to talk about various types of brick making machines and the top 10 sellers operating in India. 

What Exactly Is a Brick Making Machine?

A brick making machine is a piece of machinery that can make cement bricks or hollow bricks that do not need to be sintered and can be shipped out after a short drying period. It is possible to say that the investment is minimal and the effect is immediate. Many investors have found the brick manufacturing industry to be dependable.

The brick making machine is without a doubt one of the most advanced technological characteristics of our day. However, there is a difficulty when it comes to deciding which equipment is appropriate for your brick-making needs. Because there are numerous types of brick making machines available, it is critical to understand which one is appropriate for a specific sector. As a result, we'll go over many types of brick-making machinery.

How Does the Brick Making Machine Work?

To make and lay bricks, the brick making machine is usually put in a truck together with a mixer, a generator, and a mould. The machine may be run or operated effortlessly and smoothly from the cabin. Once the raw material has been loaded into the truck's tank, a button within the cabin must be pressed.

Soon after pressing the button, the production will begin as if by magic. The truck can be driven at a predetermined speed over the field where the bricks are to be backed. The brick falls from the mould gradually over the space, about an inch away from the previous brick. It allows the company the flexibility to create bricks wherever they are needed.

Different Types of Brick Making Machines

There’re numerous types of brick making machines available in the market. Which one you choose is completely dependent upon the industry you have been operating. Here’re the types: 
Brick-making machines should be environment-friendly and energy-efficient. Whichever machine you choose, it is wise to make sure the machines are eco-friendly. 
The industries are expected to grow for which an increase in the need for houses due to the increasing global population. According to the World Bank's ‘Housing for All by 2030' plan, 300 million houses would be built for three billion people. 
Construction has been a part of us since the dawn of time and has played a crucial role in getting us to where we are now. Building blocks are the most important component of any structure. At the moment, we have two basic types of building blocks to choose from: bricks and concrete blocks. To make them, a concrete brick manufacturing machine and a block forming machine are required. These machines speed up and improve the efficiency of production. While both serve their job admirably, the concrete brick making machine outperforms its competitors.
Now, we shall discuss the top 10 brick machine seller names in India. Let’s get started!  

Top 10 Brick Making Machine Sellers in India

The following list of brick making machine seller names will help you choose the right one.
  1. Apollo Infratech Private Limited

    Apollo Infratech Private Limited is one of India's major infrastructure backbone companies, supplying international standards and global technical advancements to Indian infrastructure firms. The company's commitment to quality and global expertise is clearly evident in its superior goods. Apollo, through combining quality, innovation, and technology, produces world-class products and services that address a wide range of market needs, and is thus positioned as a global leader, inspiring new trends and methodologies.
    Since its establishment, Apollo has made it a point to provide the best products and services to all of its clients. The group's rapid growth and desire for peak performance resulted in the establishment of a multi-divisional organizational structure armed with extraordinary expertise and experience in the production of high-quality concrete construction equipment. The product line has been designed with the highest care, and no effort has been spent in order to make the products superior to the competitors.
    Apollo's ready mix concrete solutions, which include ready mix concrete plants and fixed form concrete pavers, are affordable, user-friendly, and simple to maintain. All Apollo products are now backed by strong after-sales services, thanks to an expanding distribution and dealership network across the world.
  2. Force Engineering

    Foundations of Force Engineering, the industry-leading of manufacturer, supplier and service provider of premium grade Construction Equipment and Boilers are laid in 2011. The organization is strongly leveraging the R&D abilities to offer an array of latest designs of AAC Block Making Machine, AAC Block Manufacturing Unit, AAC Plant Machinery, AAC Block Manufacturing Plant, AAC Block Machine, Large AAC Autoclave, Block Making Plant Installation Service, Steel Moulding Box, Horizontal Steam Boiler, Inclined Belt Conveyor, Vertical Type Mixer, Horizontal Type Mixer and many more. 
    The vision to dominate the industry furnishes to gain best-suited inventory of raw materials for building innovative tools and equipment that are extensively demanded its notably longer service life, high functional efficiency, excellent shock resistance, uniformed hardness and competing price bands. Furthermore, the company has wide recognizance for vital professionalism, appropriate commitment and strict quality measures.
  3. Brickwell

    Brickwell has been assisting developers, architects, and builders in transforming their visions into beautiful structures that complement and enhance any surroundings since 2010. Brickwell is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge modern construction technologies and solutions that increase productivity and profitability.
    Brickwell is a company that manufactures and exports high-quality hydraulic brick forming devices. Brickwell's manufacturing plant, designed with the support of cutting-edge technology, employs German/American technology. These machines are designed to provide low-cost performance due to vibration technology, high strength and unparalleled performance due to stronger machine frames, high quality production, the production system is due to the perfect machine for medium and large-sized operations, and speciality production runs.
  4. Ludhiana Techno Engineering

    Ludhiana Techno Engineering, founded in 2004, manufactures and exports brick producing machines, paver block machines, pan mixers, and other products. Leading builders, construction businesses, and civil engineers around the country recognize the product line as providing simple yet dependable designs of current day machinery.
    The company was formed with the goal of revolutionizing manufacturing processes. As a result, it has applied cutting-edge procedures in a well-integrated work environment. Furthermore, each business operation is underpinned by the critical goal of enhancing society's prolific development, which accomplish by conducting rigorous market analysis and designing products with eco-sustainable features and the smallest environmental footprints.
  5. Mechons Industries

    Mechons industries is a leading manufacturer and marketer of a high-quality range of brick and block producing machines. Automatic brick making machine, automatic fly ash brick plant, and automatic block building machine are among the goods available. Quality controllers supervise the design of the given range. Apart from that, these items are well-known for their great performance, resistance to damage, perfect operation, ease of use, and durability.
    Currently engaged in the production of high-quality machinery for a select group of clients, the company has made significant investments in incorporating cutting-edge technology. The Mechons industries guarantee a hassle-free workplace with a group of professionals.
  6. Sarala Abhiyantriki

    With years of experience in the business, the Sarala Abhiyantriki is able to provide a comprehensive range of Semi-Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machines, Paver Block Machines, Tile Machines, Reflecting Paver Plants, Waste Baling Machines, Paper Baling Machines, and Hydraulic Power Packs. Power plants, brick plants, metallurgical plants, engineering plants, chemical plants, and pipeline plants all use these. To create a superior range of industrial gear, our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant includes CNC machines, special purpose machines, and welding machines.
    The machines are rigorously checked on many criteria by a team of quality specialists to ensure that the range is perfect. On top of that, the seller provides customized packaging for the entire range. Also it offers customers convenient payment options such as bank transfers, cash, and demand drafts. This has allowed the organization to provide the items to clients throughout Africa, the SAARC region, and the Gulf.
  7. Parishram Engineering Works

    Parishram Engineering Works' team is dedicated to offering the best degree of client satisfaction. The organization's brick production machines are based on cutting-edge technology and are thoroughly tested against the following well-defined parameters:
    1. Maintenance
    2. Power consumption
    3. Production capacity
    4. Operation
    Transportation facilities are also provided to ensure that the machines reach the destination in good shape and quality. Care is taken to maintain mutual relationship between the venders and the employees for the wholesome betterment of the society. Working towards achieving complete customer satisfaction by delivering the product on time is the sole purpose of the organization. 
  8. Shanti Block Machines

    Shanti Block Machines has evolved over the last 40 years into a producer and manufacturer of a wide range of mechanical spares and equipment. The company is owned by a family and has been run with pride for three generations. The growing market presence is due to the positive feedback received from numerous clientele.
    Expert engineering and creativity have combined to create a performance benchmark for manufacturing systems dedicated to the creation of concrete products and shapes. SEW provides a stable relationship for stability and growth to its customers by providing round-the-clock service and high-quality technical assistance. SEW has been providing the best solutions for the demanding market for over 20 years. SEW provides a clear competitive advantage for our customers, from unrivalled mining services to ordinary mechanical orders. Shanti Industrials is one of our newest concrete production product projects. Under this name, the organization has been producing fly ash brick production machines. It manufactures a variety of brick marking equipment, both automatic and manual.
  9. Walter Craven India

    Walter Craven Ceramic Projects (I) Ltd. (WCI) aims to modernize the age-old Indian brick tile industry, which generates an annual turnover of almost Rs. 98,000 crores but is still classified as an unorganized sector, second only to thermal power plants in terms of pollution. The modernized Indian brick industry will have pollution levels far below the allowed limit, restrict child labor, limit wanton extraction of agricultural top soil by at least 50%, and limit fuel usage (solid, liquid, or gas). In the coming years, updated brick-plants will save around 140 million cubic feet of agricultural clay, millions of tons of coal, and nearly half a million new generation technicians for the green field business.
    WCI offers a mechanical workshop where numerous machines for making burnt clay items without load can be assembled and tested. Over time, it has built infrastructure in various parts of India, ensuring a steady supply of raw materials at a time when demand for burnt clay structural goods is increasing due to the expanding construction industry. WCI has acquired technology, drawings, and designs for all machineries in the Moulding, Wet and Dry Product Handling, Drying, and Firing sections from prominent European machine builders. The plants proposed to be produced under license and installed on a turnkey basis have a production capacity of 10 million to 30 million bricks per year or equivalent structural products.
  10. Revomac Industries

    Revomac Industries, which was founded in the year 2014, is the fastest growing Manufacturer and Service Provider firm engaged in providing a modernized range of Brick Making Machines, Concrete Brick Making Machines, Fly Ash Brick Making Machines, Hydraulic Brick Making Machines, Interlocking Brick Making Machines, Paving Block Making Machines, Cement Brick Making Machines, Block Making Machines, Concrete Block Making Machines, and Concrete Block Making Machines. The manufacturers are able to build a broad range of high-quality machinery, including Brick Making Machines, Paver Molds, and Batching Plants, thanks to an optimal integration of software and hardware. Furthermore, the product line is built to the highest quality standards, including solid structure, reliable performance, precision engineered fabrication, environmental sustainability, and cost effectiveness. Furthermore, we are committed to offering high-quality Brick machine maintenance services with utmost professionalism, prompt execution, and cheap pricing.
    Leading builders, construction businesses, and civil engineers around the country have praised our product line for its simple yet reliable designs of modern machinery. The company was formed with the goal of revolutionizing manufacturing processes. As a result, they’ve introduced cutting-edge techniques in our well-integrated work environment. Furthermore, each business activity is underpinned by the overarching goal of promoting society's rapid development, which the organization achieve by performing thorough market research and designing products with environmentally friendly qualities and minimal environmental footprints.
    To name a few industries, the company currently serves the Construction Industry, Concrete Product Manufacturers, Brick Manufacturers (Clay & Fly Ash Based), Concrete Precast Industries, Stone Crusher Plants, Redix Concrete Plant, Cement Industry PWD Govt Contractor, RMC Plants, Cement Dealers, Civil Contractors, and Fly Ash Supplier.

What Is the Price of Brick Making Machine?

The cost of a brick producing machine is determined by the type of machine you select for your industry. You may consult a brick making machine industry research that aims to help consumers gain a more apprehensive, better, and clear understanding of the market. However, in India, the price ranges from as little as 36K to as much as 26 lakhs.
In terms of market forecasting, the research report examines the brick making machines market using several approaches and analysis in order to give reliable and in-depth market information. It is separated into numerous segments to cover various aspects of the market for a better understanding. Each section is then expanded upon to help the reader understand each region's growth potential as well as its contribution to the global market.


Brick producing machines are used to make solid bricks, perforated bricks, and hollow bricks from raw materials such as coal gangue, clay, fly ash, shale, mountain mud, slag, and slit. Their work is built on the use of mobile technology. They have a generator attached to them that converts AC current. The brick-making machine goes forward throughout manufacturing, arranging the bricks in a straight line. The capacity of different brick producing machines and their features to produce a certain number of brick pieces per hour varies. Because of their durability, low maintenance, great performance, and extended service life, brick producing machines are recommended. They're utilized to make bricks out of a variety of raw materials that require a high level of safety and dependability.

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