Top 8 Ways to Control Pests at Your Home or Office

Insects and flies are very irritating and cause many problems and diseases. Nowadays, various types of Fly Catcher are available in the market to get rid of these insects. Early flycatchers were developed in the late 20th and early 21st century that works wonderfully to catch and kill flies. You will find insect-killing devices installed at public places like airports, railway stations, hotels, restaurants, etc. They enable us to catch and get rid of flies and insects.

There are distinct types of machines and tools available in the market working for the purpose. They can either be manual or automatic based on their work and effectiveness. Most of these take advantage of the fact that bright lights attract insects and fly to catch them. It usually uses an electric grind or glue to trap and kill these pests. They are very effective and work quite well due to recent technological advancements.

Today we will discuss the top 8 ways that can help you control pests at your home or office. We will also learn about the Fly Insect Killer and its various types. You’ll see the list of the most common tools and machines used to catch and kill insects and flies.

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What is a Fly Catcher or Insect Killer?

Before we go on and check the most popular Fly Catchers and killers, let’s know about the machine a bit. These are tools & machines that help in pest control by catching and killing various types of insects. They can trap flying insects like houseflies, gnats, moths, mosquitoes, wasps, etc. It is achieved with the help of various techniques. The most common tactics they use are bright lights and fragrances to attract them to kill them.

These can easily be used anywhere like at homes, workplaces, shopping complexes, airports, etc. With the help of an insect catcher, it is easy to control the growth and population of pests at any place. 

Top Ways to Control Pests at Home or Office

We often get irritated due to insects and flies at home or office. It is not easy when it comes to controlling the growth and population of these pests. Nowadays, many options of Fly Catcher are available for you to choose from, but it is to be done smartly. There are many factors you need to consider while choosing one for yourself. Every specific machine or tool has a distinct working method to kill or trap pests. They can be manually operational or fully automatic depending on the type of machine.

Below, we have listed the top 8 types of Fly Insect Killer that helps in pest control.


It is the oldest method of killing insects and flies at home. Although it is not suitable for use in offices, it is effective in getting rid of them. It is a simple stick with a wide sheet at one end. When you see an insect or fly, grab the flyswatter and quickly strike it with the flattened end. The force applied will kill them instantly.

Fly Spray

The fly spray is a chemical-based Fly Insect Killer that kills various bugs, insects, and flies. It has a poison that when sprayed near the insect, disrupts their functioning and ultimately finishes them. The chemicals that it contains can be harmful to humans if directly inhaled. It is why they should be kept away from the children and must be used carefully.

Fly bottle

The fly bottle uses the fact that bugs and insects are attracted to light and odour. It is a glass bottle with a black cap that has a small hole. It is through this hole the insects go inside. The bottle contains bait in form of food materials that are generally pieces of meat to attract them inside the bottle. Once they go inside, their senses prevent them from going to the black closing where the hole is present. Then they stay trapped inside and die slowly.

Glue board

A glue board is a flat piece of wood covered in glue. Insects land on the board and stick to the glue. Once stuck, the insects cannot move and die. A Fly Glue Trap is inexpensive and can be purchased online or at local hardware stores. However, they are only effective if the glue is fresh. If the glue dries out, the insects will not stick.

It is a great way to catch flies without having to use chemicals. Just place a piece of wood on the ground and then cover it with fly glue. When flies land on the board, they get stuck and die. You can even make a larger version using two boards and some screws.


Flypaper is another type of Fly Catcher. It is a thin piece of paper that is coated in glue. Insects landing on the sheet stick to the adhesive and die. Also known as adhesive sheets, they are great for trapping flying insects because the sheets are lightweight and portable. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of flycatchers.

Flypapers are best for small spaces where there are few flying insects. Because they are thin, they may not be able to hold bigger insects. Also, the sheets are replaced frequently because they become saturated with dead insects.

Fan-based trap

A fan-based fly trap is a device that uses air movement to attract insects. These traps use fans to create a current of air. It draws insects towards them. Once they get close enough, the insect gets trapped inside the netting. Using a fan-based flytrap is much safer than using pesticides for dealing with insects. Pesticides can cause considerable damage to our environment and wildlife. Also, if you use a fan-based trap, you don't have to worry about getting rid of the dead insects.

Bug zapper

The Bug Zapper is an Electric Fly Catcher Machine used to kill annoying flies and other insects. It is an electric fly trap that uses high voltage electric discharge to kill flying insects. The electric current attracts the insect and kills it, usually by electrocuting it or heating its body. The heat causes the insect's body to either burst into flames, carbonize, or vaporize.

Bug zappers are typically powered by a transformer wired to electrical power lines, but they can also be powered by batteries, solar cells, or propane gas cylinders. Mainly, two types of bug zappers are available in the market. One type uses high voltage electricity to shock the insect into submission, and the other uses low voltage electricity to attract the insect to a metal coil where the current causes the insect to become stuck. Once the insect becomes stuck in the coil of the Electric Bug Catcher, the current causes the insect's body to overheat until it dies.

Electric flyswatter

The electric flyswatter is a type of Electric Fly Catcher and killer designed to kill flies. It is a handheld device having an electrified grid at the end of a long handle. It is an environmentally friendly option to kill flies without using chemicals. This device could kill any type of flying insect. But it is most often used against flies because they are the most common pest in households.

Are These Fly Catchers Effective?

Fly Catcher traps have been around since the early 1900s. They were originally designed to catch flies to prevent them from spreading disease. Today they are still used to control insects in homes, workplaces, and farms.

They are effective at catching flies. However, they are not 100% effective. Many factors affect how well they work. These factors include the size of the trap, the type of catcher, and the amount of time spent setting the trap. You can use these to catch flies and insects, but make sure that you placed them correctly.

The effectiveness of the Housefly Catcher is based on its size, shape, and placement. The larger the trap, the more effective it is at catching flies. Traps should be placed where flies congregate, especially near food sources. Placing traps close together increases the likelihood of capturing more flies.

Bottom Line

Now you know about the top ways in which you can control pests at home or your workplace. Insects and flies are very irritating and prevent us from concentrating and completing our work on time. By using any of the mentioned ways, these can be taken care of. We recommend using an Electric Fly Catcher for offices since it provides the best efficiency. It also does not require manual operation and will function while you continue to work. These machines will help you a lot if you face troubles due to pests like mosquitoes, houseflies, moths, etc.

If you want to purchase an Electric Fly Killer Machine, look at the variety of machines offered by us. The products are manufactured by top manufacturers and supplied by leading sellers to ensure high quality. Compare various products and choose the best one that satisfies all your needs and requirements. If you face difficulty during the process, contact the customer support team. Our team will guide you throughout the process and help you purchase the best product fitting your requirements.


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