Top-rated Office Chairs under ₹5,000 in 2023
Top-rated Office Chairs under ₹5,000 in 2023

January 24, 2023

Nowadays, every being works hard to get a job where he has to work sitting on a chair.

Whether it is Engineer, doctor, or IT professional, sitting on a chair is more comfortable than travelling or moving jobs.

But doesn’t sit for long hours is an invitation for various health issues.

People usually sit in the wrong postures and then get affected by various chronic pains, slip-disk, and piles-like diseases. 

But what is the solution to it? How to save ourselves from these diseases without disrupting our office work?

And here, the importance of an Office chair can be justified.

So, Office Chairs are not ordinary chairs designed to help you sit for a long time without any discomfort.

Therefore, our topic of discussion today is Office Chairs.

What are they & how it benefits us? These are some of the topics we will elaborate in this discussion.

Also, we will provide you with some of the most reputed and trusted office chairs within a budget of ₹5,000.


So, let’s begin the article with a brief on these Office Chairs.

What are Office Chairs, and How are they different from Ordinary ones?

Office & Commercial Furniture are a particular type of Chair used in offices, libraries, and other places for prolonged sitting. 

It is designed to maintain posture and to provide lumber support & armrest to ease working or sitting for long hours.

They consist of a padded seat and have swivel capabilities to make you energetic and not disrupt your reach.

Usually, other chairs are not designed with such outstanding measurements because they are not used for an extended period.

But, sitting on ordinary chairs for a long time can harm the human body.

Hence, it becomes an essential gadget to ease workability and saves us from back or neck pain.

Usually, these are of various types and can adjust their height and angle according to the customer’s requirements.

Some of them are:

  • Mesh Office Chair
  • Executive Office Chair
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Small Office Chair
  • 24-hour Chair
  • Task Chair
  • Folding Chair
  • & Many more

These chairs have unique specifications and are designed to make you feel comfortable and maintain your health.

The Office Chairs are highly adjustable and can be stabilized according to the user’s requirements.

It suits the office décor and, maintains the atmosphere & improves productivity.

With highly stable wheels, these chairs ease movement to rotation in 360 degrees.

The material and leather used in Office Chair manufacturing are beneficial and soft and don’t react with the skin.

The neck support eases the posture and provides proper movement without any discomfort.

These Office Chairs are highly compact and don’t sustain much spacing, but they are still very comfortable for beings of all sizes.

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It is different from ordinary chairs because of their effective Manufacturing and design to make you feel the pleasure of sitting on a couch or sofa.

And it doesn’t have a hard bottom, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort while continuously using it.

It understands the human posture and its dynamic lumber support, and armrests always remain attentive to maintain the user’s sitting posture.

They are also highly durable and won’t lose their texture and softness from changing weather.

They are adaptable and adjustable and provide the best-desired results to their users.

Its soft and movable inclination and rigid-fixing feature make its unique equipment and provides various advantages to its user.

Using them, you can increase your sitting time without fearing health issues, and their helpful nature definitely increases your work mechanism. 

Top Office Chairs under a budget of ₹5,000

After reading about the benefits of these Office Chairs, if you are planning to buy these chairs, let us make this process easier for you.

With extensive research, reading brochures, and customer reviews, we have selected some trending chairs that meet all the requirements.

These Office Chairs are highly comfortable and come under a budget of ₹5,000.

Hence, if you are planning to buy an office chair, you can also prefer one.

CELLBELL C108 Medium-Back Mesh Office Chair

With a massive Fifteen years of experience, CEllBELL is a highly reputed organization, widely appreciated for its quality Chairs.

The CELlBELL C108 Medium-Back Mesh Office Chair is dynamically recommended in the market due to its ethnic design and quality comfort.

It has a Breathable Mesh Backrest, so it won’t make you feel warm and cold.

Using high-quality sponge material provides massive comfort and good support seat fill. 

With such prices, it provides a height-adjustable armrest unique from its other competitive chairs.

It eases the user to adjust the armrest according to its comfort and allows them to work efficiently without hand discomfort.

These Office Chairs have a single-point tilt mechanism that helps the user to tilt the office chair backwards and relax.

With a perfect headrest, the user can straighten up his neck and freshen up himself in breaks to work more drastically.

It doesn’t cause discomfort to the bottom and doesn’t put up your legs when the Chair is reclining.

This Office chair comes with a gas lift feature that helps adjust the seat height according to comfort and requirement.

It can lift a massive 125kg weight because of its solid and sturdy chrome legs.

This outstanding Chair has a mesh with it to provide enough airflow, so it doesn’t let the back generate sweat by sitting for a long duration.

It has a very thick 2-inch foam cushion padded seat that doesn’t change its texture in changing temperature.

The seat is not too hard or soft and makes you feel pleasure and comfort after sitting on it.

Savya Home APEX AM-5002 Apollo Medium Back Office Chair

Savya Home is an Indian brand, well-recognized for manufacturing highly prestigious chairs for various purposes.

The Savya Home APEX AM-5002 Apollo Medium Back Office Chair is a highly dignified product known for its specified comfort.

Its backrest has a mesh back finish, making them breathable and not producing sweat while used for long hours.

This Savya Office Chair has fantastic built quality and is designed to make your office time comfortable and classy.

It doesn’t have an adjustable armrest, but its plastic armrest makes you feel good and provides dynamic support while working.

This Office Chair has brilliant lumbar support and is very good at making you feel the rest while working.

It has an outstanding reclination and can go up to 120 to 115 degrees to provide comfort.

Its seat doesn’t move with reclination, and your feet always remain on the floor.

The material used in its Manufacturing is quite good, and it has various height and tilt adjustment features to bring you back into your comfort zone.

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Within this price range, it is one of the best options available in the market and is designed with various quality parameters to maintain the posture.

Also, the Chair has massive durability and its compact spacing and appreciable strength always make it the best suitable option in the market.  

Casagroves Ergonomic Pluto Executive Office Chair

Casagroves is a dedicated organization with a passion for pleasuring sitting at home to its customers.

They are manufacturers of world-class décor to beautify home interiors or deal in outstanding furniture.

Casagroves Ergonomic Pluto Executive Office Chair is one of the masterpieces of this brand, designed to provide the best comfort to the user.

It is a pocket-friendly Office Chair that makes users productive and abreast with rest. 

These Office Chairs have a captivating design, and their supportive ease and comfort make them the most suitable product in this price range.

The Chair is made up of quality material and is reviewed positively for its sturdy, comfortable, and firm structure.

Apart from this, this Chair has various outstanding specifications and features.

Its backrest has a mesh finish and a very breathable design. 

It is highly comfortable and doesn’t make your back sweaty even after using it for a long time.

The Chair doesn’t have an adjustable armrest, but its armrest is positioned to ease hands for humans of all sizes.

This Casagrove Chair has a hydraulic gas lift feature designed to adjust the height of the Chair according to the user’s preference.

This Chair is designed with a thought to provide the best and desired comfort to the user in all ways.

It doesn’t harm the pocket or health and is counted among the best available office chair in this price range. 

 Duratek Sleek M1 Adjustable Handle for Home or Office Chair

Duratek is an Indian brand, well known and appreciated for its unique product ranges and classy office chairs.

The Duratek Sleek M1 Adjustable Handle for Home or Office Chair is designed with a top-notch accessory to serve the user with comfort and class.

This Office chair has a very outstanding built quality, and its framework has a massive strength.

The body of this office chair is made up of a strong metal frame that makes this Chair sturdier and stronger.

This Office Chair has an adjustable armrest, which makes it a preferable gadget for this price range.

It has the feature of adjusting the height, so the user can set this gadget according to its requirement.

Also, it provides immense comfort to the user, makes them feel comfortable, and eliminates vicious health issues.

This office chair has a tilt locking mechanism that helps you to tilt backwards and locks the position according to the user’s comfort.

The mechanism of the Chair is designed to adjust the height while sitting on it to help the user check its comfort while positioning.

This Duratek Chair has a gas lift one-touch pneumatic seat adjustment to ease the adjustment.

Hence, if you have a budget of ₹5,000, this Office Chair is the perfect equipment you can buy.

With all these specifications, this Chair is highly durable, withstand heavy weight quickly, and is organized to provide the comfort of your dream.

Concluding Remarks

In this article, we discussed Office Chairs briefly.

We discussed its various type and specification and differentiated it from ordinary chairs.

Also, we talked about some of the trending office chairs in a price range of ₹ 5,000.

After understanding the market trends and reading this article, it can be justified that Office Chair is a necessary product.

Its sales in the market are drastic; thus, investing in this sector should be profitable.

From Manufacturing and dealing to trading, all the sectors in this industry can uplift profits.

Also, it is a less competitive sector, so it is very easy to establish a brand in this industry.

Hence, if you are willing to invest in this sector, definitely a few steps ahead of profit is waiting for you.

But, doing business requires various qualities and strategies.

And, here to guide you on this profitable path, we at AAJJO Business Solutions Private Limited work tirelessly to make the business profitable for all.

We provide our customers with various dynamic specifications using which they can introduce profits to their business.

Also, with exclusive marketing strategies, we help our clients to generate quality business leads.

Clients can improve their brand awareness and expand their sales by listing their products on our highly prestigious B2B marketplace.

Hence, if you are a seller and want to maximize your profits, join hands with us and enjoy a profitable business ahead.

If you are a buyer and interested in such fantastic equipment, we ensure the best product at highly affordable prices. 


What is the price of an Office Chair?

Depending on your requirements, the price of an Office Chair varies from company to company, but you can get them at a starting range of ₹ 4,500.

Is the Office Chair business profitable enough?

Of course, it is! But it completely depends on your way of doing business. For help, you can visit

How to buy the best Office Chair online?

Various manufacturers deal in these Office Chairs. For quality products please visit

What are the specifications of an Office Chair?

The Office Chair is a brilliant piece of equipment, designed for long sitting hours, without causing any discomfort.

How to increase the sales of Office Chair?

The best way to increase the sales of Office Chair is to do positive marketing. You can take the help of AAJJO to increase your sales.

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