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Construction is the process of constructing a house, building or infrastructure. It is very different from manufacturing because manufacturing involves mass production while construction takes place on location for a known client. Construction starts with designing the layout and financing, it conti read more...nues until the project is built and ready for use. Construction are of many types, here we will talk about prefabricated construction. Prefabricated construction means collecting the components of a structure in a manufacturing place and then transporting the complete assemblies to the construction site where the structure is to be built. The supplied assembled are ready to fit. These structures are made according to the client requirement. There are many advantages of prefabricated structure, such as It cost very less. It takes very less time to assemble. It can be place from one place to another. It is pollution free and can be recycle. show less


ACP Elevations ACP Elevations

From ₹170.00

ACP Sheets ACP Sheets

From ₹260.00

Air Grille Air Grille

From ₹500.00

Alloy Steel Chain Alloy Steel Chain

From ₹700.00

Aluminium Door Aluminium Door

From ₹120.00

Aluminium Ferrule Aluminium Ferrule

From ₹150.00

Aluminium LED Profile Aluminium LED Profile

From ₹680.00

Aluminium Partitions Aluminium Partitions

From ₹180.00

APP Membrane APP Membrane

From ₹112.00

Asbestos Cement Sheet Asbestos Cement Sheet

From ₹153.00

Awnings Awnings

From ₹170.00

Bio Digester Tank Bio Digester Tank

From ₹22000.00

Bitumen Paint Bitumen Paint

From ₹65.00

Black Granite Black Granite

From ₹75.00

Bleaching Powder Bleaching Powder

From ₹38500.00

Brown Granite Brown Granite

From ₹70.00

Bubble Guard Sheet Bubble Guard Sheet

From ₹6.00

Cargo Lashing Belt Cargo Lashing Belt

From ₹260.00

Ceiling Channel Ceiling Channel

From ₹60.00

Ceiling Tile Ceiling Tile

From ₹45.00

Cement Cement

From ₹300.00

Cement Brick Cement Brick

From ₹5.00

Cement Fibre Board Cement Fibre Board

From ₹96.00

Cement Pillar Cement Pillar

From ₹2000.00

Chain connector Chain connector

From ₹86.00

Chain Pulley Block Chain Pulley Block

From ₹1900.00

Clevis Hook Clevis Hook

From ₹165.00

Color Coated Coils Color Coated Coils

From ₹55.00

Concrete Blocks Concrete Blocks

From ₹18.00

Container House Container House

From ₹1000.00

Control Knobs Control Knobs

From ₹60.00

Crane Hooks Crane Hooks

From ₹3000.00

Crimp Curved Sheet Crimp Curved Sheet

From ₹60.00

Deck Sheet Deck Sheet

From ₹62.00

Duct Pipe Duct Pipe

From ₹400.00

Electric Chaff Cutter Electric Chaff Cutter

From ₹26000.00

Electric Chain Hoist Electric Chain Hoist

From ₹18000.00

Electric Winch Electric Winch

From ₹3500.00

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Electric Wire Rope Hoist

From ₹45000.00

EOT Cranes EOT Cranes

From ₹303000.00

False Ceiling False Ceiling

From ₹65.00

Fiber Ceiling Tiles Fiber Ceiling Tiles

From ₹60.00

Fiberglass Roll Fiberglass Roll

From ₹25.00

FRP Office Container FRP Office Container

From ₹80000.00

FRP Portable Cabin FRP Portable Cabin

From ₹500.00

FRP Portable Toilet FRP Portable Toilet

From ₹1000.00

FRP Roofing Sheet FRP Roofing Sheet

From ₹35.00

G Master Link G Master Link

From ₹2500.00

Galvanized Iron Pipes Galvanized Iron Pipes

From ₹40.00

Galvanized Wire Rope Galvanized Wire Rope

From ₹90.00

Gantry Crane Gantry Crane

From ₹65000.00

GI Coil GI Coil

From ₹55.00

GI Sheet/ PPGL Sheet GI Sheet/ PPGL Sheet

From ₹30.00

Glass Canopy Glass Canopy

From ₹400.00

Glass Epoxy Sheet Glass Epoxy Sheet

From ₹340.00

Granite Stone Granite Stone

From ₹62.00

Gutter System Gutter System

From ₹75.00

Gypsum Ceiling Panel Gypsum Ceiling Panel

From ₹65.00

High Mast Pole High Mast Pole

From ₹5000.00

Hydraulic Lifting Table Hydraulic Lifting Table

From ₹14000.00

Improted Marble Stone Improted Marble Stone

From ₹225.00

Industrial Bitumen Industrial Bitumen

From ₹34.00

Industrial Sheds Industrial Sheds

From ₹20.00

Iron Door Iron Door

From ₹75.00

Iron Steel Bars Iron Steel Bars

From ₹40.00

Joint Filler Board Joint Filler Board

From ₹49.00

Kerbstones Kerbstones

From ₹62.00

kota stone kota stone

From ₹8.00

Lifting Eye Nut Lifting Eye Nut

From ₹50.00

Manual Crane Manual Crane

From ₹40000.00

Manual Rolling Shutter Manual Rolling Shutter

From ₹180.00

Marble stone Marble stone

From ₹16.00

Metal Roofing Sheet Metal Roofing Sheet

From ₹30.00

Metal Snap Hook Metal Snap Hook

From ₹10.00

Mezzanine Floor Mezzanine Floor

From ₹78.00

Mild Steel Coil Mild Steel Coil

From ₹52000.00

Mobile Lighting Tower Mobile Lighting Tower

From ₹425000.00

Monorail Trolley Monorail Trolley

From ₹2900.00

Motion Sensor LED Light Motion Sensor LED Light

From ₹2000.00

MS Pipe MS Pipe

From ₹40.00

Multi Colored Tiles Multi Colored Tiles

From ₹100.00

Nylon Rods Nylon Rods

From ₹140.00

Octagonal Pole Octagonal Pole

From ₹3600.00

Office Container Office Container

From ₹350.00

Organic Waste Composter Organic Waste Composter

From ₹300000.00

Parking Shed Parking Shed

From ₹60.00

Paver Block Lacquer Paver Block Lacquer

From ₹100.00

Permanent Magnetic Lifter Permanent Magnetic Lifter

From ₹12000.00

Polycarbonate Sheets Polycarbonate Sheets

From ₹27.00

Polyester Sling Webbing Polyester Sling Webbing

From ₹260.00

Polyurethane Rollers Polyurethane Rollers

From ₹2200.00

Portable Cabins Portable Cabins

From ₹100.00

Portable House Portable House

From ₹1000.00

Portable Toilet Portable Toilet

From ₹850.00

Poultry Sheds Poultry Sheds

From ₹220.00

Power Winches Power Winches

From ₹100000.00

PPGI Portable Toilet PPGI Portable Toilet

From ₹5000.00

Prefabricated Houses Prefabricated Houses

From ₹428.00

PVC Carpets PVC Carpets

From ₹20.00

PVC Ceiling Panel PVC Ceiling Panel

From ₹25.00

PVC Door PVC Door

From ₹1800.00

PVC Panel PVC Panel

From ₹27.00

PVC Pipes PVC Pipes

From ₹189.00

PVC Tile PVC Tile

From ₹45.00

Railing with Glass Railing with Glass

From ₹500.00

Ratchet Lever Hoist Ratchet Lever Hoist

From ₹50000.00

RCC Fencing Poles RCC Fencing Poles

From ₹200.00

Red Brick Red Brick

From ₹7.00

Red Granite Stone Red Granite Stone

From ₹110.00

Refrigerated Containers Refrigerated Containers

From ₹130000.00

Rounded Pipe Rounded Pipe

From ₹150.00

Security Cabins Security Cabins

From ₹1000.00

Security Cabins FRP Security Cabins FRP

From ₹30000.00

Shipping Container Shipping Container

From ₹850.00

Sintex Portable Toilets Sintex Portable Toilets

From ₹20000.00

Sliding Doors Sliding Doors

From ₹25.00

Solar Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller

From ₹130.00

Solar Street Light Pole Solar Street Light Pole

From ₹1000.00

Solar structure Solar structure

From ₹85.00

Solar Structures Solar Structures

From ₹40.00

Spiral Railing Spiral Railing

From ₹5500.00

Square Hollow Section Pipe Square Hollow Section Pipe

From ₹59000.00

SS Pipe Railing SS Pipe Railing

From ₹17.00

SS U Clamp SS U Clamp

From ₹5.00

Stainless Steel Gate Stainless Steel Gate

From ₹65.00

Steel Angle Steel Angle

From ₹40.00

Stone Pergola Stone Pergola

From ₹27000.00

street light pole street light pole

From ₹1350.00

Swaged Pole Swaged Pole

From ₹3500.00

Swimming Filter Swimming Filter

From ₹69000.00

Swimming Fountain Swimming Fountain

From ₹15000.00

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

From ₹850.00

Swimming pool ladders Swimming pool ladders

From ₹8500.00

Swivel Hooks Swivel Hooks

From ₹140.00

T Grid Ceiling T Grid Ceiling

From ₹9.00

Telecom Monopoles Telecom Monopoles

From ₹7000.00

Tile Roofing Sheets Tile Roofing Sheets

From ₹58.00

Tin Shed Tin Shed

From ₹120.00

Traffic Signal Poles Traffic Signal Poles

From ₹7000.00

UPVC  Doors UPVC Doors

From ₹250.00

Upvc Roofing Sheet Upvc Roofing Sheet

From ₹250.00

UPVC windows UPVC windows

From ₹80.00