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Nowadays, air conditioning has become an essential part of our lives and we have adapted to the comforts it provides. Air conditioning not only reduces the temperature of an area but also improves the air quality by using air filters. One type of air conditioner commonly used in shops and offices is read more... the cassette air conditioner. These air conditioners are more powerful and energy-efficient than conventional wall-mounted air conditioners. These air conditioners are mounted on the ceiling and not on walls. The main property of these air conditioners is that it provides more power and more cooling than other air conditioners while consuming less energy making them ideal for small offices where a normal wall-mounted AC cannot provide adequate cooling. The cassette air conditioners have two units which are installed, one indoor cooling unit and one outdoor compressor unit. The indoor cooling unit uses refrigerant to reduce the temperature of the air and provide cool air to control the temperature of the area according to the user’s requirements. The parts of a cassette AC are the same as that of a split air conditioner but the functioning method is different. The indoor cooling unit has an evaporator system that uses a refrigerant or coolant to reduce the temperature of the air taken in by the intake fan. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air due to which it starts boiling and converts into the vapor state. The vapors are then transported to the outdoor compressor unit where the vapors are cooled down with the help of the condenser and compressor. First, the compressor increases the pressure of the vapors converting it into the liquid state and then the condenser uses air to cool down the coolant with the help of condenser fans. After the coolant is again cooled down, it is again sent to the indoor unit where it again cools down the air and then the whole process repeats itself again and again. A cassette AC is more expensive than the normal air conditioners due to their efficiency and low power consumption and is ideal for places like retail shops and corporate offices. Since these air conditioners are mounted on the ceilings, they save space on the walls and are barely noticeable. Based on the requirements, these air conditioners can provide cool air in two, three, or four directions. One limitation is that sometimes, there is not enough thickness of the ceiling to install these air conditioners. So, before buying one, you should always check for available space. show less

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