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Filter Drier(Solid Core Type)

There are multiple standard fittings in the refrigeration lines which are generally ignored but have major uses. One of these fittings is a filter drier which is usually present on the liquid line of the dry-expansion refrigeration systems. These filters have two tasks that they perform perfectly. F read more...irstly, these filter driers trap bigger contaminants and copper shavings from inside the pipe that may be produced due to the continuous flow of the liquid through the line. The second and one of the very important tasks is to capture the moisture inside the liquid lines. It is recommended to replace the filter driers every time you open the refrigeration system for repairs or maintenance. There are many filter driers available in the market based on the working efficiency and moisture capturing capacities. For example, a DML 53 filter can reduce the levels of moisture from 1050 ppm to 75 ppm (parts per million) in 8.5 kg of R134a coolant or refrigerant. There are mainly two types of filter driers known as standard driers and bi-flow driers. These filters have solid cores and the core is permanently attached to a compact housing system. These are generally used in industrial plants. The examples are DML and DMB filter driers. To choose the perfect drier for your system, first, you need to get the perfectly measured diameter of the pipe to which the drier is to be attached. You can find many products based on your diameter size and you can choose your ideal filter drier based on its drying capacities. If we speak generally about fittings, one of the most important things you should pay attention to is the pressure drop but in the case of filter driers, the pressure drop is minuscule if the fitting is of the correct size and due to this you don’t need to consider the pressure drop factor when buying a filter drier just keep in mind that the filter should be accurately sized. If there is a formation of ice or condensation on the surface then it is a sign that the filter is clogged with dirt particles and should be cleaned immediately. show less

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