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Barbeque Grills

A barbecue grill is a device that uses heat from below to cook food. Grills come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the majority falling into one of three categories: gas, charcoal, or electric. Which method produces superior results is a point of contention. A commercial barbeque grill often ha read more...s a bigger cooking capacity than a typical family barbecue, as well as a number of accessories for more adaptability. Restaurants, caterers, food vendors, and grilling operations at food fairs, golf tournaments, and other charitable events, as well as competition cookers, are among the end users of commercial barbecue grills. Originality is encouraged in this category, and many commercial barbeque grills have designs that are exclusive to their individual manufacturer. Stationary or portable commercial barbecue grills are available. A built-in pit grill, which may be used indoors or outdoors, is an example of a secondary grill. Most commercial barbeque grills, on the other hand, are portable, allowing the operator to transport the grill wherever he or she needs to go. Commercial barbecue grills with removable legs, folding grills, and grills installed wholly on trailers are all examples of transportable commercial barbecue grills. From basic grill cook tops to pit barbecue grills and smokers to specialist roasting machines that cook whole pigs, poultry, ribs, corn, and other vegetables, trailer mounted commercial barbecue grills cover the gamut. show less

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