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Bulk Cooker

The Bulk Cooker is excellent for large-scale water-based cooking. It's great for cooking, boiling, sautéing, poaching, and simmering. The 1.5 mm worktop has sculpted edges for liquid collection. Front-mounted water control with swivel spout for cooking and cleaning. The body is made entirely of stai read more...nless steel, with a mild steel black color exhaust grill on the back side. The vessel is built of stainless steel with a 3mm bottom and 2mm sides that are thermally insulated for improved efficiency, energy savings, and low operating ambient temperature. Industrial canteens, Government or Military Messes, and Mid-day meals all employ bulk milk cookers. They are mostly used to boil enormous quantities of vegetables, dals, rice, and other foods. The cooker has a Gear Box system that allows you to tilt the bowl for easier handling and cooking. It also includes a heavy-duty valve at the bottom of the jar for draining water or cooked food. Electric and gas models of the cooker are available on the market. show less

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