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Cake Pans

A cake pans is a baking pan that is used to bake a cake in an oven. Metal, enameled metal, silicon, heat-resistant glass, ceramic, or terracotta can all be used. The majority of metal ones now feature a non-stick surface. Casseroles, squares, no-bake desserts, stacked party dips, and other dishes ca read more...n all be made in cake pans. Cake pans come in a variety of shapes, such as fire trucks, space ships, and other vehicles, though you may find it difficult to use them more than once before the novelty wears off. For this reason, certain stores will rent you these unique shapes. Seasonal items like Christmas-tree cake pans, for example, may be useful year after year and hence worth purchasing. Purchase cake pans constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum for the best results. Tinned steel, stainless steel, glass, silicon, and stone are among the other materials employed. Anodized bakeware, which is aluminum bakeware that has undergone a procedure to harden the outside surface and make it scratch and stick resistant, is also available. Non-stick coatings have been applied to some steel and aluminum bakeware, allowing food to release easily and making cleanup a breeze. show less

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