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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed Type Plate Heat Exchangers commonly known as Brazed PHE or BHEs are used in many refrigeration appliances like chillers and heat pumps worldwide. BHEs offer the highest heat transfer performance and are reliable and cost-effective. These BHEs are made by using thin stainless steel plates and read more...are brazed together with the help of copper used as the brazing material. The stainless steel plates are corrugated. Brazing is the process in which metals with high melting points are joined with the help of a nonferrous material having a low melting point (generally copper). Brazing the plates together removes the need for sealing gaskets or thick metal frame plates. The brazing material does two jobs, it joins the corrugated plates together as well as seals the complete package. BHEs are brazed perfectly at their contact points to ensure optimal heat transfer and pressure resistance. These plates are manufactured and designed to provide long life to the product. As all the surfaces of a brazed heat exchanger participate in the heat transfer process, it is compact and has low weight. The BHEs come in various models and sizes, manufactured for various refrigeration appliances. A brazed plate heat exchanger has a basic flow principle for all refrigeration solutions that are parallel or diagonal flow to provide the best and most efficient heat transfer. The installation of a BHE is very easy since, in a single pass design, all the connections are present on the same side of the exchanger. BHEs have an extensive range of cooling capacity starting from 0.5 that goes up to 600 kW. The BHEs are more cost-effective than using a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. BHEs have a quick response to the temperature changes since it has small hold-up volume and lower refrigerant charge. Using a brazed type PHE in any refrigeration system is the option if you want the best working efficiency. show less

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