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Exercise Bikes & Fitness Equipment

A stationary bicycle is a device used as exercise equipment for indoor cycling. It includes a ... Exercise bikes are used for exercise, to increase general fitness, for weight loss, and for training for ... Traditionally this is done by imposing a certain level of resistance mechanically and/or m read more...easuring this. gives a good overview.

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Air Walker Air Walker

From 35000.00

Bench Press Machine Bench Press Machine

From 18000.00

Bicep Curl Machine Bicep Curl Machine

From 45000.00

Cable Crossover Cable Crossover

From 55000.00

Exercise Treadmill Exercise Treadmill

From 35000.00

Flat Weight Bench Flat Weight Bench

From 3500.00

Lat Machine Lat Machine

From 52500.00

Leg Curl Machine Leg Curl Machine

From 52500.00

Leg Press Machine Leg Press Machine

From 48000.00

Multi Purpose Bench Multi Purpose Bench

From 8500.00

Outdoor Gym Equipment Outdoor Gym Equipment

From 40000.00

Pec Deck Machine Pec Deck Machine

From 52000.00

Resistance Band Resistance Band

From 450.00

Rowing Machines Rowing Machines

From 45000.00

Smith Machine Smith Machine

From 45000.00

Spin Exercise Bike Spin Exercise Bike

From 27000.00