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Automatic Noodles Boiling Tank

The automatic noodle boiling tank is designed for professionals to cater front cooking with the least amount of operational staff, lowering expense while maximizing efficiency and, most importantly, uniformity. As previously stated, the cooker is developed with a heating system specifically designed read more... for noodle cooking; the heat is not equally distributed, but rather creates targeted turbulence on each immersed basket, decreasing the boiling time. The machine is a significant empowerment that triples production; the process of cooking noodle no longer requires extra supervision because each basket is precisely timed before it is lifted and chilled, delivering a constant good boiling result of any type of noodle. Chefs can also cook a different type of noodle on each basket because each basket can be timed differently. Simply said, the noodle is boiled in a timed sequence, allowing cooks to work on other duties while waiting for the lifter to automatically come up. The tank with a flat surface has rounded corners, indicating that it is simple to clean. A garbage receiving basket is provided for the cleaning outlet, as well as a scum receiver for the overflow section, so that broken fragments of noodles or scum may be easily gathered and the strain of cleaning is reduced. show less

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