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Beer and Beverage Cooler Spares

Drinking chilled beverages is the best feeling in summers. After a long and exhausting day, everyone wants a cold and refreshing drink and shops are the place where everyone goes to find their favourite chilled drink. The shops use beer and beverage coolers to keep their drinks chilled and always ready to serve and drink. A beverage cooler can be defined as a refrigerator specially made for keeping our drinks safe and chilled for as long as they are powered. Even if due to any reason the machine is off, it keeps the drinks inside chilled for at least 24 hours if not opened. Sometimes the machine breaks or some part of the cooler gets damaged and you need to get some spare parts. The machine is made up of many parts including the outer body, the compressor, the evaporator, the condensing coils, the condenser fan, and more. The compressor, evaporator, condensing coils, and condenser fan are the parts that keep the temperature of the cooler low adequate to store the drinks. The work of the compressor is to compress and increase the pressure of the refrigerant. It increases the pressure by compressing the refrigerant present in the gaseous state which also increases the temperature of the refrigerant. The compressed gas is then sent to condensing coils where the heat from the refrigerant is removed using air which converts the gaseous refrigerant into the liquid refrigerant and the hot air generated is then removed out of the system using the condenser fan. Then the liquid refrigerant is sent to the evaporator where the refrigerant absorbs heat from air cooling it down. The cooled air is then used to keep the contents inside the beer and beverage cooler chilled. The heat absorbed by the refrigerant causes it to boil and it again converts into the gaseous state and the whole process repeats again and again.


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