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General Details
ModelChapati Making Machine FR 800
Dimensions & Weight
Machine Size(ft.)NA
Technical Specification
Press Motor AmperageNA
Press Motor(HP)0.5 HP , 0.25 HP
Total Heating Element(Wt)2500 Watt
Total Power Usage(Hr)2.1 Unit / Hour
Packing Delivery& Taxes
Despatch time after releasing the orderNA
Road Permit Or Way FormNA
Capacity 650 to 700 /Hour
Thickness Of Chapati 1mm To 4mm
Size Of Chapati 8.5 Inch Max.
Weight Of Chapati 25gm To 45gm
LPG Consumption 1 Kg / Hour
Power Single Phase
Electric Connection load 4 HP
Electric PartsL&T, Schneider Electric
Gas Connection LPG or PNG
Convear Material SS304

Semiautomatic Chapati Making Machine is an innovation of Fortune Engineering which Produces 1000 carpet per Hour. This is the most compact & Advanced model of Chapati Making Machine. In Semi-Automatic Chapati Making Machine of Fortune Engineering inputs ball of dough, press Chapati and baking includes

Features :

India's first portable machine in commercial segment.

Easy to Operate

Low Maintenance


Stainless Steel Body

Simple rugged and very compact

Requires no special skills to operate.

Uniformly baked final product.

Robust Construction.

High Capacity.

Eco friendly, no pollution problems.

Hygienic production.

Final product with traditional test.


Warranty & Installation

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