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modelInduction Forging Machine
PhaseThree Phase
Frequency50 Hz
Maximum Frequency 0.5-8KHz
Input Voltage 380 V
Efficiency 90%
Cooling Water 25-35m3/h
Duty Cycle 100%

Product Description

We are leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Induction Forging Machine, These products are manufactured using high quality of raw materials.

Main Applications:

Hot Forging/forming for large workpiece

Surface hardening for large part

Preheating of pipe bending

Annealing of pipe welding

Melting of copper\ aluminum and so on

Shrink-fit of sleeve of roller etc.

Main Characteristics:

Voltage feedback design and adopt IGBT based LC series resonance circuit

I GBT inversion technology, high energy conversion over 97.5%

Energy saving 30% up compared with SCR technology. In series resonance circuit, induction coil with high voltage and low current, so energy loss is very low. Soft switch technology applied then switch loss is very low.

It can be started up 100% under any condition.

100% duty cycle, 24 hours continuous working ability at maximum power.

Less harmonic current and high power factor. Power factor always remaining 0.95 above during machine running.

he frequency tracking automatically technology enables power factor to remaining high level throughout heating process.

Good reliability, I GBT is a self turn-off transistor that ensures inversion with success and takes protection instantly; I GBT used from infineon company, world-renowned manufacturer.

Easy to operate and maintain, IGBT MF induction generator is easy to prevent and maintain due to its simple circuit structure. It has perfect protection.


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