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General Details
ModelFRP Portable Cabins
Size NA
Built TypeNA
Surface TreatmentColor Coated
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Square Feet
Wall Height Upto 12 ft
Width Upto 20 ft

As the world keeps growing smaller, faster and moving in every possible new direction, the need to keep up with it, both in momentum and vision, is becoming increasingly essential. Having portable cabins is one such vision and movement in the corporate infrastructure, which is a leading-edge technology, yet cost-effective, and more importantly, environmental-friendly.

The Features:

A portable cabin is a customized and pre-assembled cabin that literally turns your office into a portable office! Porta cabins have the exclusive USP of complete portability, based on cutting-edge technology, high on durability and aesthetics. They are also geared towards sustainability.

A portable office is highly customized steel frame portable units with tailor-made workstations and internal accessories such as file cabinets, conference tables, cabinet tables and chairs, office washrooms and more.

Such is the versatility of this concept that porta cabins serve ideally as both long-term and short-term office sites. We brainstorm and design exclusively for each client to meet their specific needs down to the smallest details!

The Vision:

Portable cabins for hire are not only environmental-friendly but also recycled and green in every sense of the process involved in manufacturing them. Thus, our portable office reduces carbon footprint, adds an extra brownie point to your social responsibility and puts you one step ahead of everyone else in your CSR policy by default.


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