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General Details
ModelPorta Cabin
Size NA
Built TypeNA
Surface TreatmentColor Coated
Feature Easily Assembled
Height Upto 12.5 ft
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

When we look around us, it seems as though we are living in a literally shrinking world where both time and space keeps growing smaller, and life faster and on multiple tracks. Everything is fast paced and in the flux. Including our living conditions and work environment which are one such transformation that had been increasingly on the rise in the use of Portacabins for our home and office requirements. Nowadays the fast-paced and ever-shifting corporate infrastructure it has become easier to build and install portable and recyclable office structures out of porta office cabins which are based on modern, leading-edge technology, environment-friendly and yet economical.

A portacabin is a pre-assembled, lightweight, portable cabin made out of composite sandwich panels, and are customized to client specifications. We at AR Portable Cabins are one of the leaders in the market of porta cabin Manufacturers of this country.

Our porta office cabins are easy to transport because they are lightweight. They are environment-friendly as we manufacture every cabin out of guaranteed eco-friendly raw materials. They are highly economical too. Our aesthetically designed porta office cabins literally transform your workspace into a high quality, productivity-enhancing, and cozy portable office.

The cabins we manufacture incorporate all your specific office needs, keeping in mind the nature of your work. Our porta cabins are eco-friendly portable units that we tailor make for you specifically – with workstations, and internal accessories incorporated as per your requirements – such as cabinets, tables and chairs, washrooms and other facilities.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term office set up or short-term portable site office, our durable, multipurpose and aesthetic Porta office cabins are guaranteed to meet your needs and taste.


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