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General Details
ModelPrefabricated Portable Cabin
Size NA
Built TypePrefab
Surface TreatmentColor Coated
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Wall Height Upto 12 ft

With the world becoming more busy and complex, engineering needs and solutions have been forced to become more innovative and flexible. Prefabricated structures are one such modern-day shift in housing and office requirements.

Prefabricated Portable Cabin and houses are simple structures built inside a factory instead of onsite. It is the process of assembling the structural components of a house or an office building in a factory setting, thereafter transporting all the assemblies and sub-parts to the main construction site where the house or office is then finally assembled and installed.

Prefabricated portable cabins are becoming increasingly popular among both the corporate users and individual home users, as these are easy to build, hassle-free to install on site, and affordable.

We at AR Portable Cabins are one of the leaders in Prefabricated Cabin, catering to both individual home and office requirements. We design, manufacture, supply and install prefabricated structures of a diverse range. Our technology is based on international standards and uses the latest equipment and techniques to manufacture high quality, leakage proof, eco-friendly yet very affordable prefabricated office cabins and houses. We also give equal attention to the aesthetics of each prefabricated structure, so that your home or office looks as plush and comfortable as any regular building can look. We offer a wide range of sizes, designs, colors and price ranges, to satisfy a diverse range of clientele and to fulfill the widest array of client specifications.


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