Top 10 Deep Freezer Manufacturer in India: Buying Guide

Buying a deep freezer is a perfect idea if you prefer storing frozen food items in larger volumes and for an extensive period of time. The capacity offered by these freezers is more than the fridges we use regularly. However, both of them have the same cost. Deep freezers are normally found in ice-cream parlours, groceries, medicine shops and froze Read More

Know Everything About Guest Posting on Aajjo

Guest posting on can help your brand to get exposed to a larger audience, potentially resulting in more website clicks. It is a great method to keep your readers engaged. Read More

How to design a Cold Storage

How to select a Cold Storage 1. In designing a Cold room some requirements are being taken care according to the storing material . example for fruits and vegetables Read More

Kent Vs Pureit: Which One Is Best Water Purifier in India?

Kent and Pureit are two different water purifier brands that have effectively incorporated their water purifiers into Indian households. However, there is always one that is superior to the other. In this article, we will compare Kent vs Pureit water purifiers to help you decide which one to buy. Continue reading to learn more. Read More

How to Design Commercial Kitchen

we've discussed some of the best commercial kitchen layouts, as well as the key considerations to understand how to design commercial kitchen for hotel Read More

Best Commercial Blast Freezer Manufacturer In Delhi – Ahata Industries

One of the best blast freezer manufacturers in Delhi, Ahata Industries offers small blast freezers to big ones at an affordable price which is completely dependent upon the size and capacity. Read More

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Top Air Conditioners Available in India

Looking for the best air conditioner in India? Check out our comprehensive list of top AC brands for 2023. Get detailed reviews, specifications, and prices to make an informed choice. Read More

How do Home Theatres transform your party mood?

Home Theatre is an extraordinary product, widely used to enjoy movies, games, web series, and music in High-Definition. It is a world-class gadget having the capability of making your party hard or uplifting your mood with its melodious sound and brilliant picture quality. With such qualities, it is an in-demand market product and a perfect busines Read More

Beat the Heat with these Make-Up hacks in summer

Stay cool and fresh this summer with these makeup hacks! Learn how to beat the heat and keep your makeup looking flawless all day long. Read More

Top-rated Office Chairs under ₹5,000 in 2023

Office Chair is an outstanding piece of equipment widely used in offices, and various other places to ease prolonged sitting. It is highly appreciated due to its features of adjustable lumbar support and armrest. It can be tilted to make it reclined for rest. Due to its outstanding specifications, it is a highly profitable business product. Read More

How Steam Iron eliminates Stubborn Wrinkles?

Steam iron is a revolutionary hair remover. It eliminates stubborn wrinkles and prevents new ones from developing. Steam iron works well for sensitive skin that is prone to fine lines and wrinkles as well. Read More

Top Winter Sweaters embellishing your style

Top Winter Sweaters embellishing your style. These are the best and most comfortable clothes you can have for winter. A perfect choice for this season is our sweater, it will make you look very elegant and sophisticated! Read More

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IndiaMart Vs. TradeIndia Vs. Aajjo Vs. JustDial: Which One Is Best?

Whether you’re a seller or buyer, and you’re confused over which of the four business platform – IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Aajjo, and JustDial – is the best, we’ve covered all the necessary stuffs in this guide so that you’ll get the rough idea. Let’s start with the top and then discuss important aspects for each one of the four. Read More

Comparison between Split AC and Windows AC – Choose the Best One

Even now, people debate whether it is better to purchase a split AC or a Windows AC. To be honest, it depends largely on what you want in your home. Read More

Guide to Set Deep Freezer in an Ideal Temperature

If your deep freezer freezes food, it must be set to the proper temperature, and you shouldn't be concerned, right? No, not at all. Food may freeze at a given temperature (and different foods freeze at different temperatures), but that temperature may not be the best for keeping it frozen. Read More

LG Vs Whirlpool Refrigerator: Which One Is Better

A refrigerator is no longer a luxury in most families; it has become a necessity. On the market, there are a variety of brands and types of refrigerators. While LG is one of India's most well-known refrigerator manufacturers and is sometimes compared to Samsung, Whirlpool provides a more modern approach that many consumers like. Read More