To preserve bottles for long wine should be stored at approximately 55° Fahrenheit/ 13° Celsius. Wine coolers are a space saving storage solution. They create a perfect balance of temperature and humidity for the ageing of wine. If one has limited space, a wine cooler is a great option. Built-in coolers are designed to operate within a confined space due to their front exhaust. Since freestanding coolers have rear exhaust, they require at least 6 inches of clearance at the back. Improper clearance means that the unit will build up heat within the cabinet, which may damage its contents and cause the cooler to overheat. Since the temperature of this cooler is maintained at a constant 55° Fahrenheit/ 13° Celsius your beverage may not be cooled to your liking. Also, storing oddly shaped bottles may decrease the bottle capacity of the wine cooler.

To reduce the risk of electrical shock, one must unplug the unit before cleaning. Use only a mild, nonabrasive cleaner to clean the exterior of the cabinet. Always dry all parts with a clean dry cloth before returning the parts to the cooler or plugging it back in. Make sure you are placing the unit on a solid, level surface. One should not install wine cooler: in direct sunlight, moist areas, or anywhere where its weight will not be supported. Some ideas where it can be used are in the family room, living room, kitchen, home bar, dining room, luxury bedroom, or den. In addition to residential areas, wine coolers make a great addition to any restaurant, bar, country club, or hotel. Single zone wine coolers don't have separate compartments for red and white. However, if you want to store both varieties in your cooler, you may store white wine towards the bottom of the cooler where the temperature is cooler and red towards the top. Multi-zone coolers have freelance temperature zones during which you will store red or wine at their ideal temperatures.

In coolers with direct cooling, the evaporator is exposed inside the cabinet. The interior cold air is circulated by convection with no presence of interior fan. The temperature difference of the upper and lower zones varies by 8 degrees. In coolers with air-cooling, a fan is located in front of the interior evaporator. A combination of convection and the fans circulates the cold air throughout the cabinet. The difference in temperature between the upper and lower zones varies by 3 degrees. Wine coolers square measure designed to store commonplace 750ml bottles. Storing large or oddly shaped wine bottles such as magnums or champagne bottles will decrease the number of bottles you are able to store inside this unit. Some units are designed to store larger format bottles at the very bottom of the cooler.