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Since we were established on the market as a Hygenic products manufacturer, our mission has always been to develop products that are essential, during the cleaning process in order to make the environment more healthy and hygenic. 

There are a variety of products we offer that cover every step of the cleaning process. Some of them are: Hanging dustbin, Hand dryer, Shoe cover dispenser, Sanitizer dispenser, Auto shoe shine, Stainless swing dustbin and many more. Through our years of experience with reputed brands in hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare, NR Hygine Solution has already earned a reputation for quality industrial cleaning products.

We use premium-grade materials procured from authentic vendors along with advanced machinery in the manufacturing of these products. Our company believes in delivering superior quality, accurate performance and on-time delivery of our products to our clients.

-22.62% MS Pole Hanging Dustbin
MS Pole Hanging Dustbin

6500.00 / 8400.00

Spec: HSM-04, MS & HDP, Round, Square, 40 ltr - 12 ltr
-39.53% Triple Wringer mop Trolley
Triple Wringer mop Trolley

5200.00 / 8600.00

Spec: HTWT-02, ABS PALSTIC, 54 ltr, ABS Plastic
-42.42% Air Curtain
Air Curtain

9500.00 / 16500.00

Spec: HAC-01
-31.58% PVC Strip Curtain
PVC Strip Curtain

6500.00 / 9500.00

Spec: PVC Strip Curtain, PVC, Fire Proof, 2 mm X 200 Mm & 3mm X 200mm, Plain
-26.15% Velvet Rope Queue Manager
Velvet Rope Queue Manager

4800.00 / 6500.00

Spec: HSQM-03, Steel, Brace, Shoping Malls , .Corpotate office, Templs, Hotels, Hospitals, Super Markets , Air Ports , Metro Stations, Railway stations ,, Glod , Silver, Roope Red, Blue.
-23.73% Auto Shoe Shine Machine
Auto Shoe Shine Machine

4500.00 / 5900.00

Spec: HSM-01, HOTELS , CORPORATE OFFICES, 10, Steel and Wooden
-21.43% FRP TRIO BIN( Waste Segregation Dustbin)
FRP TRIO BIN( Waste Segregation Dustbin)

16500.00 / 21000.00

Spec: FRP-03, Fiber Reinforced Plastic, Round, 60 Liter X 3 Compartment
-22.22% Automatic Hand Dryer-HSD-02
Automatic Hand Dryer-HSD-02

2800.00 / 3600.00

Spec: HSD-02, 1800W, AC220V, Electronic sensor operated
-43.75% Stainless Steel Swing Dustbin
Stainless Steel Swing Dustbin

900.00 / 1600.00

Spec: HSSD-01, Steel, Round, 11 ltr - 80 ltr
-26.15% Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser
Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

4800.00 / 6500.00

Spec: HSD-10, Aluminum and Metal Body, For use in hospital, factory, laboratory, home, clean room, sample room and other places where clean dust free environment is maintained., ALL Sizes
-17.39% Insect fly Killer machine
Insect fly Killer machine

3800.00 / 4600.00

Spec: HSF112
-26.15% HRT Roll Dispenser
HRT Roll Dispenser

4800.00 / 6500.00

Spec: HRT-01, ABS PLASTIC, Wallmount, HRT Rolls
-27.08% Kitchen roll dispenser
Kitchen roll dispenser

1750.00 / 2400.00

Spec: HKD-01, Steel, MS, Wallmount, Kitchen Roll
-24.24% Stainless Steel Platform Trolley
Stainless Steel Platform Trolley

12500.00 / 16500.00

Spec: HSPT-01
Que Mangers
Que Mangers

1800.00 /

Spec: HSQM-01, S/Steel 304 Grade, Shoping Malls , .Corpotate office, Templs, Hotels, Hospitals, Super Markets , Air Ports , Metro Stations, Railway stations ,, Steel pole, Tape Colour: Red, Blue, Black, Ornage.
-38.95% Plastic Dust Bins
Plastic Dust Bins

580.00 / 950.00

Spec: Plastic Swing Dustbin, HDPE Plastic, Round,
-30.00% Stainless Steel Perforated Dustbin
Stainless Steel Perforated Dustbin

280.00 / 400.00

Spec: HSSD-02, Steel, Round, 5 ltr - 60ltr
-19.44% Stainless Steel Selfs Trolley
Stainless Steel Selfs Trolley

14500.00 / 18000.00

Spec: Stainless Steel Selfs Trolley
Automatic Soap Dispenser
Automatic Soap Dispenser

2600.00 /

Spec: ASD-1000, Automatic , 1000 Ml, ABS Plastic
-22.22% Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

2800.00 / 3600.00

Spec: ASD-1100, ABS PALSTIC, 1000 Ml, Battery
-25.78% Automatic Hand dryer-HSD-01
Automatic Hand dryer-HSD-01

9500.00 / 12800.00

Spec: HSD-01, 2300 W, 220-240 V, Electronic sensor operated
-33.33% Stainless Steel Astray Dustbin
Stainless Steel Astray Dustbin

1600.00 / 2400.00

Spec: HSAD-03, Steel, Round, 20 ltr - 60ltr
-22.22% Duoble Wringer Mop Trolley
Duoble Wringer Mop Trolley

5600.00 / 7200.00

Spec: HDWT-01, Plastic , Steel, 36 Ltr, 42 Ltr, ABS Plastic
-20.00% FRP Duo Dust Bin
FRP Duo Dust Bin

12000.00 / 15000.00

Spec: FRP-02, Fiber Reinforce Plastic, Round, 60ltr -120 ltr
-27.50% Paper cup Dispenser
Paper cup Dispenser

580.00 / 800.00

Spec: Paper cup Dispenser, 100 cups, Shoping Malls , .Corpotate office, Templs, Hotels, Hospitals, Super Markets , Airports , Metro Stations, Railway stations ,, ABS Plastic and Fiber
-25.00% Stainless Steel Duo Bin
Stainless Steel Duo Bin

18000.00 / 24000.00

Spec: HSAD-01, Steel, Round, 60ltr -120 ltr
-16.67% Out Door Dust Bin
Out Door Dust Bin

12500.00 / 15000.00

Spec: HOD-01, Steel, MS, Round, Suare , 40 ltr - 120 ltr
-17.14% Steel Trio Dust Bin
Steel Trio Dust Bin

29000.00 / 35000.00

Spec: HSTD-02, Steel, Round, 60 ltr - 180ltr
-31.58% Stainless Steel Pedal Bin
Stainless Steel Pedal Bin

650.00 / 950.00

Spec: Stainless Steel Pedal Bin, Steel, Round, 5 ltr, 7 ltr, 11 ltr, 20 ltr.

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Why us

We are committed to maintaining the reputation we have built over the years by offering superior quality products to our clients. In conformity with the defined standards of excellence, these are manufactured with the finest quality materials and progressive tools.

It's crucial that we find ways to improve lives now and for future generations in small and meaningful ways. We believe in creating clean, healthy environments that everyone deserves. 

Our products are well designed and made for the proper celaniless, such as our Hand dryer which is the perfect option for heavy traffic. Used towels are less likely to cause cross-infection than paper towels, so dryers provide a more hygienic alternative to paper towels.

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