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Size:1800px(w) X 494px(H)
Price: Price: ₹50,000
Aajjo intends to promote your brand or products by placing a banner ad on the homepage. The purpose of this ad is to entice visitors to click on it and be directed to a specific product or page, resulting in an increase in the number of visitors to your catalogue. This marketing effort is anticipated to generate positive outcomes for your business, such as growth in inquiries and sales of your products.

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Size: 1170px(H) X 130px(W)
Price: ₹10,000
Advertise on the specific Category page.

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Size:270px(H) X 270px(W)
Aajjo intends to promote your banner on the catalogue pages, thereby enhancing its visibility to a greater number of visitors. This strategic move is aimed at diverting more traffic to your catalogue, which in turn will positively impact your business by increasing sales.

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