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Seller - Registration

Steps to register with Aajjo.com as Seller:

  1. Go to Seller panel - https://www.aajjo.com/Seller/ and register.
  2. After register, you will receive an email from Aajjo.com for email verification with approval link. Please click on the approval link to verify your email. This is to verify that your email is correct.
  3. After Approval, Please login again using Seller panel - https://www.aajjo.com/Seller/ and Please file the remaining information like PAN Number, GST Number and billing Address etc. and Save.
  4. When you will finish all the above steps. You will receive a call from the Aajjo.com to verify and after verification. You will be approved as Aajjo.com Seller.
  5. Aajjo.com team will provide the Seller URL, username and password to access your area.
  6. From this Seller panel you can list your products. You will receive the Inquiry on the based of your listed products.

Important Note for lead generation from Aajjo.com:

  1. Aajjo.com will also ask for the dealing area, and they will generate and send the lead based on Area and product you have listed on the website.
  2. Aajjo.com team can also list your products on the behalf of you.

Seller Panel

Steps to add products to Aajjo.com:

  1. Go to https://seller.aajjo.com/ and login using the credentials 
  2. Go to “Seller Tools” - > Products and click on "Add New Product"
  3. Add the Product Details, as per the following step:
    • Category - Please select the specific category in which you want to display your product.
    • Product Type - Select the Product Type which appropriate most to you, if your product is not there you can contact our support team at support@aajjo.com.
    • Price Type:
      • One-off Price - Select this only if you want to display your product price in per piece.
      • Unit wise Price - Select this only if you want to display your product price is per unit (Feet / Square Feet / Meter etc.)
    • Pricing Unit  (If you select unit wise price) - Select the unit for which you want to display the price
    • Minimum Qty Per Unit (If you select unit wise price) - This contains the minimum number of products per units. For example - In case our product is display counter, and we are showing the price in feet/ running feet (18000/feet) and minimum units required to build a display counter is 3 feet, so here we have to mention 3.
    • Minimum Quantity - Minimum number of products allowed in per order.
    • Allow Sale – This option will allow the customers to purchase the products directly from the Aajjo.com – if you do not want to sale the product on Aajjo.com then please check “NO”.
    • GST % on Product - GST % according to the product.
    • Product Price - This is the take home price which you have to expect from Aajjo.com after sale.
    • Product MRP - Actual MRP of the product.
    • Commission - Commission will depends on the price of the product. You can check the commission on the page - Price Calculator
    • Retail Price - This is the actual price, which will display with the product for sale on aajjo.com portal, only if you are not giving any discount.
    • Discount - If you want to allow any discount on your product you can mention here the percentage, and this will include on the "Product Price"
    • Display Discount - This is the discount which will display on the website. This is based on ("Product MRP" - "Discount Retail Price"/"Product MRP") X 100.
    • Discounted product Price - "Product Price" after discount.
    • Discount Retail Price – This is the discounted price, which will display with the product for sale on aajjo.com portal.