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One of the best fire alarm system manufacturer in Mumbai, is what we are. The best firm dealing in the fire alarm is Tech Universe's System Private Limited is who we are, we design our equipment to alert you whenever an emergency situation arises so that you can take action to protect yourself, your employees, and the general public.

We have given the foremost importance to providing high quality fire safety alarms that have enabled us to supply them to a variety of hospitals, factories, offices, and other areas.

Thanks to the best raw materials, our products are durable, corrosion-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. Furthermore, these products can be operated both manually and automatically.

Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System

30000.00 /

Spec: Fire Alarm System, Manual, Semi-Automatic, Metal and glass, More than 110 dB
Electrical Panel Fire Suppression System
Electrical Panel Fire Suppression System

25000.00 /Kilogram

Spec: Electrical Panel Fire Suppression System, 9kg, Mild steel, For Mining Vehicles
Kitchen Fire Suppression System
Kitchen Fire Suppression System

60000.00 /

Spec: Kitchen Fire Suppression System, 9 Litre, Commercial, Stainless steel

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Why us

Our product's method of detection is frivolous, if the alarm is triggered, sounders will operate to warn people in the building that there may be a fire and alert them to evacuate immediately.

Creating world-class products with good quality and affordable prices is our vision at Pledge International. Therefore, we strive to provide the most value for our customers.

We have been able to satisfy our exciting clients whether they are in the city or outside of the city, because of our excellent quality standards. Our business activities are completed in a timely manner with the goal of excellence and perfection. In all of our endeavors, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality products possible. By doing so, we can ensure the quality of the products we create. 

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Address:Plot No. 268, Shop 01, Mitali Tank Camap, Pokh-2 Road Pandey Industrial Estate, Upvan, Thane West, Thane-400606, Maharashtra, India