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Air conditioning is one of the most important factors in every industry be it the hospitality industry, medical industry, commercial industry, or simple households. Having good energy-saving and efficiently working air conditioners is very important. The method used by hotels, restaurants, and hospi read more...tals for air conditioning is very different from conventional conditioning systems. They use a single compressor unit, outside the hotel or hospital which is connected to multiple internal cooling or heating systems (application varies according to the place where the machine is used) which can be controlled individually from inside the rooms and provide cooling or heating based on the recipient’s requirements. Air conditioning techniques in hotels or hospitals depend on the number of rooms the installation has. If it has less quantity of rooms, separate air conditioners can be used instead of having a big central air conditioning system but in case the establishment has a large number of rooms, having separate air conditioners can be very costly and the cost can easily be cut down using a large single air conditioning system which can be easily accessed in individual rooms using a wall-mounted or infrared remote control system. Another type of air conditioner used in commercial buildings is the cassette air conditioner. These air conditioners are very popular, especially in small offices and shops, where large systems are not required and since these ACs are more energy-efficient than the conventional air conditioners, these are the ideal choice for the place. The cassette air conditioners are installed on the roof and the outside unit is installed similar to the conventional air conditioners. Generally, cassette air conditioners are more expensive than wall-mounted air conditioners because they are more powerful and provide more cooling in a larger area and at the same time are energy efficient, meaning they use less power and deliver more results. The main advantage of having a cassette conditioning system is that since it is mounted on the ceiling instead of walls, it saves up much space and is not easily noticeable. There is one difficulty with cassette air conditioning systems is that if you need to install the system in a multi-story building, there may not be enough thickness of the ceiling to install the conditioning system, so before purchasing check if these air conditioners can be installed or not in your building and if you do have the space, these air conditioners can be the best option for your place. show less

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