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Buy a variety of Dross Crushing Machines made up of top-quality materials with tremendous features at affordable prices. We are a trusted marketplace for a product like Dross Crushing Machine. The Dross Crushing Machine’s objective is to separate metals and ashes from each other under air pressure, widely used by the ash processing and fertilizer industry. All our sellers and manufacturers are authentic and well-known for their excellence and client-focused services. If you are looking for such a machine, then please have a look at the below-listed machinery and grab the best deal at fair prices.


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Zinc Ash Brass Dress Crushing Machine
Zinc Ash Brass Dress Crushing Machine


Spec: Zinc Ash Brass Dress Crushing Machine, Stainless Steel, 1000 kg per hours, 32 kwalt

S.R Fab & Engineering Works, Delhi

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What are the related categories of the Dross Crushing Machine?

The following Dross Crushing Machine consists of a range of various types of categories. Having a unique specification and usability, these categories are familiarized with efficacy and structural advancement. With a suitable and oriented work process, the related categories come under the same Dross Crushing Machine are:

  1. Cement Concrete Mixer
  2. Safety Septic Tanks
  3. Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine
  4. Paving Block Making Machine
  5. Fly Ash Brick Making Machine (Manual)

Does AAJJO is the best platform to buy Dross Crushing Machine?

Yes, AAJJO is the perfect place to buy the Dross Crushing Machine because we are a platform having a dexterous knowledge about the advancement of the products and also have a range of highly acknowledged manufacturers, sellers, suppliers, and distributors of Dross Crushing Machine, working dedicatedly to deliver the best and most optimized services.
With a helpful structure of work mechanism, we are focused on obtaining the best and most familiar environment for purchasing quality Dross Crushing Machine in India.

How to get the detailed specification of the Dross Crushing Machine products?

To get a brief on the specification of the Dross Crushing Machine, please click on the listed products along with the particular product listing at the Aajjo site. Here you can access all the brief specifications in a standard order. Furthermore, if you want to know the Dross Crushing Machine, please click the “request callback” button on the product page, and fill up the quotation form pop-up on your screen. After that, Dross Crushing Machine sellers or manufacturers will revert you with your queries and clarify all your doubts to make your purchase easy and feasible.

How to order the Dross Crushing Machine in my city?

To order a Dross Crushing Machine, one has to click on the product one is willing to buy. On the product page, a specific button is mentioned on the Dross Crushing Machine detail page called “Request callback”. After clicking the button, a pop-up window with a form named “Ask the seller” will open. Just fill up your contact details, name, and order details about Dross Crushing Machine and submit the form or you can call the sellers, allotted to you, according to your requirements on the screen.

What types of products come under the Dross Crushing Machine category?

A range of products comes under the category of Dross Crushing Machine. The Dross Crushing Machine is known for its quality usability; thus, all the products follow the same work mechanism or play a vital role in its usability. So, a list of products arranged in the Dross Crushing Machine category is as follows:

  1. Zinc Ash Brass Dress Crushing Machine

Where to buy Dross Crushing Machine products online?

A range of quality sellers deals in the Dross Crushing Machine online in India. But, if you are seeking a trustful platform, we at AAJJO are one of the most preferable. We provide a range of various sellers for a particular Dross Crushing Machine product, and hence, ease users to find the most feasible deal according to their requirements. Also, we are a client-centric organization; thus, all provided deals on Dross Crushing Machine are the best in the market and completely authentic.

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Various manufacturers/sellers/suppliers/importers of the Dross Crushing Machine are available in India. Some of the leading ones are mentioned below:

Price List of Dross Crushing Machine in India

The price range of the Dross Crushing Machine may vary according to the brands, specifications, accessories, and modifications. But, a range of prices offered by the top brands is mentioned in the table:

Zinc Ash Brass Dress Crushing Machine ₹250000.00

What are the features of the dross crushing machine?

In the world of metal recycling, a dross crushing machine, also known as a dross press, plays a crucial role. Its main job is to deal with dross, which is leftover material from various metal melting processes, like aluminium and zinc smelting. Dross contains impurities, oxides, and bits of metal, so extracting the valuable metal parts and reducing waste is essential. Here, we'll break down the key features of a typical dross crushing machine in simple terms:

  1. Crushing Mechanism: These machines usually have a strong crushing mechanism, like a hydraulic press or a mechanical crusher. Their primary purpose is to break down dross into smaller pieces.
  2. Material Transport System: These machines often use a conveyor belt or a conveyor system to move the dross from where it's generated to the crushing unit.
  3. Crushing Compartment: The area where the crushing happens is enclosed. It uses intense pressure or force to break the dross into tiny particles. This compartment might have parts that can be replaced and are resistant to wear, ensuring a long-lasting machine.
  4. Separation System: Dross crushing machines have a separation system designed to separate the crushed dross from valuable metal parts. This process can vary and often includes screens, air classifiers, or similar techniques.
  5. Motor and Power Supply: Dross crushing machines typically have a powerful motor and require a steady power supply to work effectively.
  6. Processing Capacity: The capacity of a dross crushing machine depends on its size and design. Smaller ones can handle a few tons of dross per hour, while larger industrial machines can handle much more.
  7. Compatibility: These machines are designed to handle various types of dross, including aluminium and zinc dross and other non-ferrous metal by products.
  8. Efficiency and Automation: Modern dross crushing machines often use automation to improve efficiency, reduce the need for manual labour, and ensure consistent processing.
  9. Safety Features: Safety is crucial. These machines should have safety features like emergency stop buttons, protective shields, and interlocks to keep operators safe.

These are some of the commonly used features that can ensure a productive usage of the dross crushing machine and can ensure desired results.

How efficient dross crushing machines are in metal processing, and how?

Dross crushing machines play an essential role in the metal processing sector, demonstrating outstanding performance in many different aspects of operations. Here, we delve deeper into their effectiveness and explain how significantly they contribute to metal recycling:

  1. Reduce waste: Dross crushers are capable of effectively separating and recovering valuable metal components from slag, which is typically considered waste. In doing so, they minimize the amount of material going into landfills or disposal sites. Not only is this consistent with sustainable waste management practices, but it also significantly improves the economic value of what was once a discarded by-product.
  2. Conservation of resources: The recycling of dross by these machines directly contributes to resource conservation. This avoids the need for additional mining or ore mining, both of which can be resource-intensive and environmentally damaging. Therefore, dross crushers help reduce pressure on natural resources in accordance with the principle of sustainable resource management.
  3. Cost savings: One of the most notable advantages of slag crushers is their cost-effectiveness. Recycling metal from slag is often more economical than purchasing new material. Metal manufacturers can save significantly on raw material costs, making dross grinding an economically sound choice. This profit extends to various industries that depend on metallic materials, thus promoting the adoption of recycling methods.
  4. Environmental benefits: Dross crushing machines contribute significantly to reducing the environmental impact of metalworking. By recycling metals from slag, they reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with primary metal production. This is part of a global effort to combat climate change and promote the overall sustainability of the metals industry.
  5. Improve quality: Metal recovered from dross by grinding tends to be very pure and high-quality. This purity makes them suitable for many applications without requiring extensive refining or purification processes. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures that recycled metal can be seamlessly integrated into various manufacturing processes.

What are the safety protocols for using dross crushing machines?

Safety is the top priority when operating a dross crushing machine. This extends to protecting both operators and the environment.

Here are essential safety protocols:

  1. Operator Training: Operators must receive comprehensive training on how to safely operate the machine, including emergency procedures and proper equipment handling.
  2. Personal Protective Gear: Operators should wear safety gear like safety goggles, gloves, hearing protection, and steel-toed boots to protect themselves from potential hazards.
  3. Machine Inspection: Regularly inspect the machine for signs of wear, damage, or malfunctions to prevent accidents.
  4. Emergency Stop: Ensure the machine has an easily accessible emergency stop button that can quickly shut it down in case of an emergency.
  5. Safety Barriers: Install safety barriers and guards around the machine to prevent accidental contact with moving parts.
  6. Lockout-Tagout (LOTO): Implement LOTO procedures to de-energize the machine during maintenance, with locking and tagging mechanisms to ensure safety.
  7. Ventilation: Adequate ventilation and particulate control systems should be in place to manage fumes and particles generated during crushing.
  8. Safe Material Handling: Train operators in safe material handling to reduce the risk of accidents during loading and unloading.

What are the maintenance procedures for dross crushing machines?

To ensure a dross crushing machine remains efficient and lasts a long time, follow these maintenance strategies:

  1. Lubrication: Regularly apply lubrication to moving parts like bearings and hydraulic components to reduce friction and wear.
  2. Cleaning: Keep the machine clean and free from debris and leftover dross to prevent operational issues.
  3. Inspection: Conduct routine inspections to promptly identify and fix signs of wear or damage by replacing worn-out parts.
  4. Calibration: Periodically calibrate sensors and control mechanisms to ensure precise and consistent operation.
  5. Documentation: Keep detailed records of maintenance operations, inspections, and issues encountered. These records are valuable for troubleshooting and planning future maintenance.
  6. Professional Service: When significant maintenance or repairs are needed, enlist experienced professionals or technicians familiar with the machine's model.

In conclusion, dross crushing machines play a crucial role in metal recycling by efficiently extracting valuable metals from dross and reducing waste. Strict adherence to safety protocols and diligent maintenance practices ensures the machine's longevity and promotes environmental sustainability in the metal industry.

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