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Bar / buffet counter

The Bar/Buffet Counter is a counter used to serve drinks, food, and other products. Its height is determined by the style. Kitchen countertops are often seen in homes or restaurants and are used for food preparation. Drawers and cabinets for storing culinary tools are frequently seen beneath the cou read more...ntertop. Even these counters can be used for food preparation, dining, or as a place to relax while reading, chatting, or watching the kids. Breakfast bars can be utilized in place of or in addition to typical laminate worktops, providing much-needed extra room. A bar counter is typically 42 inches height from the floor to the counter's top. The most comfortable dining experience is achieved by leaving a 12-inch gap between the barstool seats and the counter top. This is why conventional barstools have a seating height of 30 inches. A 10-inch overhang between the front elevation and the outside edge of the countertop helps clients have enough leg room, especially during access and egress. Restaurants, private houses, workplaces, cruise ships, and aircraft typically have bar/buffet counters. Bars often provide a wide range of liquors and non-alcoholic cocktail ingredients, and are designed to make bartenders' jobs easier. They may also contain places for snack food storage. They also include places for snack food storage. show less

Stainless Steel Rose Gold Buffet Counter
Stainless Steel Rose Gold Buffet Counter

12,500.00 /Square Feet

Spec: Stainless Steel Rose Gold Buffet Counter, Stainless steel, Wedding

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