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Air conditioning in commercial, industrial, and huge buildings is very important as all these buildings generally generate a lot of heat and can be very uncomfortable if not proper ventilation and air conditioning are installed. Special ductable ACs are used for commercial and industrial air conditi read more...oning as these are more powerful central ACs that can cool large areas single-handedly. Ductable air conditioners are specially designed to provide air conditioning to different rooms and spaces through air ducts using only one air conditioner which can cool a huge number of rooms very easily. These air conditioners are getting popular quickly because they provide good cooling to multiple areas and also since the temperature is controllable, they can also be used in the winter season for heating purposes. The working process used by these air conditioners is the same as those other air conditioners use but due to high power and more efficiency, they can produce more cooling effect than other air conditioners like split air conditioners or window mount air conditioners. These air conditioners are the perfect choice for people owning a huge houses, commercial properties, or big offices. The air ducts, which carry and provide the cool air coming from the air conditioner, can be placed under the floor or above the ceiling which maintains the visual aesthetics of the property having as many outlets as you want in each room on the property. These air conditioners are a great choice because they can be controlled by the user to provide a cooling effect in specific areas and stop in an area where cooling is not required. Most notable thing is that you don’t need to close the door of the room to retain the cooling as the air conditioner is cooling the whole property at once, the cooling will be constant in each area where an outlet is present and they do not produce annoying sounds like some other air conditioners. At first, installing a duct air conditioner might seem as expensive but when you consider installing individual air conditioners in every room of the building and think about the maintenance cost of each of them, you’ll realize the effectiveness and importance of these air conditioners. There is no need to install multiple air conditioners and the cost of maintenance will also be reduced. It is recommended for huge buildings and commercial complexes to install duct air conditioners to reduce the installation and other charges which can come with other types of air conditioners. show less

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