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Get HVLS Fan with best features & affordable prices, Manufacturers & Sellers In India An HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fan is a ceiling fan with a diameter more than 7 feet (2.1 meters). Unlike a compact, high-velocity fan, which generates little turbulent air streams that disperse fast, an HVLS fan relies on size, rather than speed, to move a substantial amount of air. HVLS fans were originally meant for huge places such as barns and factories, but have developed as technology has advanced. They may now be found in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential settings, and they frequently work in tandem with HVAC systems to save energy. Indeed, energy-efficient HVLS fans have quickly risen to the forefront of the green construction movement. Air from an HVLS fan flow horizontally, radiating in all directions until it reaches a wall or another fan, where it turns upwards and flows back to the fan. This generates convection-like air currents that continue to increase as the fan spins. The improved air circulation effectively eliminates hot, humid air and replaces it with cooler, drier air. The result is a silent, non-disruptive, and even dispersion of 3- to 5-mph winds over huge spaces, with occupants experiencing a perceived cooling impact of up to 10°F (6°C). HVLS fans effectively redistribute warm air stored at the ceiling down to the floor level throughout the winter. HVLS fans are effective and efficient due to their big size. They consume power at a tenth of the expense of several tiny ceiling fans since they use 2-hp motors. To move enormous volumes of air silently and effectively, big fans combine energy-efficient motors with variable frequency drives and innovative airfoil designs inspired by aviation wings. Big sized fans offers diameters to suit various requirements, with HVLS fans ranging in diameter from 8 to 24 feet.


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Top 10 HVLS Fan Manufacturers in India


HVLS fans are becoming increasingly popular since they are the most effective source of ventilation in a wide space. These fans are used by many factories and businesses to keep their employees happy, energetic, and healthy. These fans use remarkably little energy per unit area, despite their large size. More info...

What Are HVLS Ceiling Fans and Their Benefits


Industrial ceiling fans are known as HVLS fans. They have a diameter of more than 7 feet. Unlike the personal fans you use at home, HVLS fans move a significant volume of air by virtue of their size rather than their speed. HVLS fans create air columns that flow down and horizontally down the floor until they strike a side wall or another fan. More info...

How to Choose Best HVLS Fans for Your Workplace


High volume low speed or HVLS fans are an evolution from the basic industrial ceiling fan.  Inspired by airplane wings, HVLS fan blades were inspired by aviation wings and are uniquely engineered to carry enormous volumes of air uniformly from the center hub to the blade tip. More info...

HVLS Ceiling Fans: Everything You Need To Know


HVLS fans are usually larger than 7 feet in diameter and are normally mounted directly from the ceiling if the ceiling is quite high. These fans can be spotted in local gyms, stadiums, and airport terminals. To get, connect with the best HVLS ceiling fans manufacturer in India for hassle-free delivery. More info...

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